Monday, March 31, 2008

Qing ming and mas selamat.

lil alienations: in case you have no idea what is the qing ming festival in which the chinese 'celebrate?'. You can read more about it >>>HERE<<<>>>HERE<<< ........................................................................................................................................

So as usual just as of every year we chinese celebrate tomb sweeping day or better know as Qing Ming Jie "清明节". This year is no different, my mum,dad and I set off to Malaysia back to grandma's house. But this year, its more irritating. no not, because im a unfilial kid dreading to help clean up the tomb.

but. its because the stupid mr *i think he doesn't deserve a salutation of mr* mas selamat. That whole saga of him running away, and Singapore wanting to catch him back firmly believing he is still in Singapore and might run out of the country. Thus the very stringent checks at the customs checkpoint causing the massive jams there. Causing me to be stuck in the long jam too...-_-'' despite waking up at 5 just to beat the jam. ya right.

if your still in the blue. just climbed out of the well and have no idea whatsoever about who the hell and what is all this story about mas selamat all about heres a little link to help you. >>>HERE<<<

for all we know, he might already have escaped and is sleeping peacefully in a deserted island or another country and all the innocent people are suffering in their lorries and what not because of that. I think the worst people hit by the whole saga are the people whose life's have been affected by it. All those lorry driver's carrying goods in and out of Malaysia into Singapore. and those store holders at the woodlands checkpoint, no body dares to go there now, i guess its pretty much a ghost town there? poor people.

i hope this matter will resolve soon, if not...... so if you suspect you see him call 999. but don't accuse the wrong people. i read on the newspapers there have been some poor souls who have been mistaken to look like him. Here is how he look likes. Here.

jam here jam there jam everywhere. this is not the singing jam nor the spreadable delectable ones. its the supper irritating ones which everybody hope can be resolved soon.

this jam is ok.
this jam is yummi :)

this jam is just irritating. >:(
jam jam go away don't ever come any other day!


Take care peeps!:) peace out. loves.


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