Sunday, March 23, 2008

S Pop hurray~

On Sunday night, the Spop hurray finals were held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I was intending to catch it comfortably on my couch at home...

But fishy wanted to go watch her mr kaya jam hsiao live (above), and gotten the tickets so we went down to support and watch him * not me though, i watched all the!*.

In case you have totally no idea who this person is and why everyone is crazy over him i think goggling up on him would come up with many reply entries. Here is one if your too lazy...:p >>>HERE<<<> kaya jam.

but for one thing, though i do have to admit this guy doesn't fare too badly in the singing category, rather powerful vocals, he can't have a good conversation with people. or maybe a lil benefit of the doubt, people he is not used to or close with.

hes word syllabus in answering every other question seem to came in one word, or maybe one syllabus, because some of it were really just 'erm' 'huh' 'haa' etc... those get what i mean...but..fishy say it is cute.

i guess its like what they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. cute and charm means different things to different people...So to them, his fans..he is charming, cute and what not. I even saw a malay in his fan club, not bad for someone who isn't really out in the industry yet. ;)
if he continues, he might just really be the next big hot thing.

JJ was there, he did some impressive moves and was great!:) what wasn't so great and kinda pissed me off for the night was his quite idiotic brainless inconsiderate fan club.

Yes, i understand you wanna cheer for your idol, fair enough. Scream into my ears and defended me, fair enough, go ahead. i have no complains...but hello! don't suddenly stand up right in front and block the whole audiences behind who were watching peacefully. it was just plain rude and very inconsiderate, if you want the steps there were vacant....stupid fan club people. -_-'

o well...on another note, elva was there! she hasn't come to S'pore in awhile, and she looked rather different...but still her singing was good!:)

but, what i kinda missed was why some of the other Singapore artist couldn't turn up...who was lacking...*which i wanted to see*:P
  1. Stefinie Sun
  2. Dreamz FM
  3. Kit Chan
  4. joy chua
  5. MLB mi lu bingthis are the few which i kinda missed...they are the local would have been nice if they were there...but i guess, they must have been too busy..

o yes. and the winning song was 'fa sao' *written by a malaysian, must support!:P* two of the songs which i liked from the beginning got into the finals. :)) yea, and the song on my blog, the won runner up. :) great job to the song writers! overall it was a great night.
o yes. and one last thing before i end..its not a nice thing to leave when the performer is on stage performing...unless its very urgent..if not, its really kinda rude to the performer and its just not concert etiquette. imagine if you were in the performers shoes, you would be upset too.

yeaps.:) that's all i have for today...take care peeps. smile. loves. peace out. :)v

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