Thursday, March 6, 2008

for money or for love.

something big bright and cheery which brought my attention to the site.

for those who like nice illustrations, i chanced upon this site whom i think the owner sources around and keep all his/her favourite illustrations in this site.

If your a big fan of illustrations, you might wanna check it out, there are only a few, but, i think its nice. :)

Illustration site >>>Here<<<

Check them out too. Colorblok. they have a site and they have a flikr site too! yay flikr!:) seriously, this illustrators are cool. illustrators are cool people. they can draw! just like photographer's can take pictures!:D
if you like stuff like this (who doesn't?). you gotta catch the site. :D

if you were to do something, anything, would you do it for money or for the love of it?
or just because i want to, im happy with it?
i kinda prefer the less rational answer?
yes. think i shall.

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