Tuesday, March 18, 2008

o well.

today. didn't exactly went well. in fact, i think it was kinda sucky. :( i left home excited only to walk home disappointed. don't blow the balloon with helium only to prick it with a needle.thanks man.

the day sucked. :( don't ask.


anyways, have to thank fishy for going down with me. :) and she a new haircut, i think it looks fine, but her face looks smaller again? maybe im just not used to it...it'll grow on me..don't worry fishy. ;)
o yes. and thank you for the oreo cheesecake..yummi..:) jia you!


i should see something which would prob cheer me up..not wongfu today. today is another of my fave bands. mayday.:)

may day is coming. (in another two months?) and Mayday is coming*soon*!:) pun intended.

Mayday. ^-^

hi ashin!=)


hope everyone elses day was a much better one than mine. :)

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