Monday, March 31, 2008

diploma-ed*part I

as of march 26 2008. i have officially graduated from Republic Poly.
School of technology for the arts(STA) Class of 2008.

What happen to my 3 years? how does it seem like it has zoom past but i remembered it going on and on during some days...suddenly i look back, it seems like time has just took on its own character and decided to fast forward without letting me realise it.

See this was my timeline of classes...:))

my first class in rp. back in tanglin campus. where the building was further away from all the other blocks, but we didn't need to climb the long staircase up! hehe:P so much for being a lazy bumb.=p
took the mrt with jin, fang, kai yuan and kiat min to redhill station.
then we would walk to school.
it was fun. i can still remember the route everytime i go past the station. :)
yes. ps0101. i had fun in this class. a great class!:)
thank you guys!

my second class in the first year. That was where i learnt that for every new sem, i would have to change class and get new class mates. I was kinda sad to leave the old (newly found) familiar friends and place.
but then again, i was happy because i made many new friends and also my zoo. :)
this classroom was very near blk a where all band practices were held, thus before band prac, orange, huiling and a few more of them would gather at my class for dinner before we went to blk a for practise.
yes. and i was just gloating earlier that i had the class at the bottom of the steps but after the change this sem i had been shifted all the way to the top. stairs and more stairs. :( haha...:P

thank you guys!:)

my first class in year 2! :) when I first moved into our woodlands campus. this was my class. yea i know. its not the full class photo, but this is the best I could find.
i totally heart this class. love them!:)
they are fun, unique and spontaneous!:) and yea. i love my e26r gang.
we had our chalets together and went for a few outings particular i can remember the rot dot museum one. it was fun!:)
laughter together.
misreading words would be de-vast-ting.:P *its a inhouse joke.* LOL. :P
lets rmb to keep the tradition and spend time with each other!:)

thank you guys!:)

a class with quite a few faci changes. a time where i changed quite a few mentors too. haha...
where the class had a conflict with one person.
but then everyone still loved each other.
i always remember of how ash and all would come up with a interesting word describing something. and that would be the next big word. haha...

i remembered i would always be one of the first few to classes apart from my lao da, elfrida. :)
and here is where my unglams came about. hearts=)
unglam royalties. haha..
we had many laughs in this class. it was somehow always noisy. :P

thank you guys!:)

Yea. I know. we took a class photo right? I didn't get so i shall use this one instead. its still a lovely pic :))

this pic was taken right after our CAAS project for advertising. It was one of our biggest project, and i remember apart from FYP we cracked our brains real hard for this one. it was one big project meeting the real client and everything. but we lost the deal, anyway. it was a good learning experience. :)

haha. i remember in this class. i know what 'smokers' were. real ones. :P gerald was good at it. finding his way to get that 'A' *with the hand sign* haha...and gulshan, woodhouse & captain of the year ben was good at backing him up. but, seriously, if they thought hard on stuff they came up with pretty amazing ideas i must say. :)

this class was cool i must say, a blend of cool, quirky people. :) and yes not to mention our gary chaw friend club president ms prawnified. ah sia. a very cute photogenic girl. haha...

each and every character in this class was unique and quirky in their own way. cool.

thank you guys!:)

and finally my last class.
here, we see mostly familiar faces, because, sta is just like one big family.
you know almost every other person in your school or diploma.
we are the first batch so, i guess, that is really a plus point.

you can remember all the faci's, the students, even if you don't know them by name, you recognise them by face. which is a lovely heartwarming feeling. :)

Thank you guys.


Thank you STA.

Yeap yeaps. So this was how i roughly spent my life in school in term of classes....catch the next episode of diploma-ed to see the grad pics.....hahaa..:P

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