Saturday, March 8, 2008

byebye baby g.

Today, something very sad happen to me. * i have no idea why so drama mama, but can stop reading from here* my very beloved and precious baby g died on me...after having illness for some time it decided to leave me on this faithful day. :'( ah. im so sad. it was my first baby g watch. i always wanted one, so my parents got me one for my 18th birthday if didn't remember wrongly....and just a few days before my next birthday its gone...:(
when i first got it, i was like a crazy lil kid who shot pictures with it in stupid poses. non looked nice but it was quirky. lol.

ah. man. kinda sad though. really. i don't have a habit of changing watches, i can use one until it spoils, i thought this one was going to last me longer maybe another 2 more years, but alas, things aren't really made to last nowadays aren't they?

but, though you are not a living thing, i did love you very much. you served me well in times of need during my school days. thank you my little blue baby g. :) rip.

Let us me morn in silence for 10 seconds.

Ok. i'm officially crazy, i bet thats what's rolling through your head right now...o well. can't blame anyone. haha.

anyway, went to get my grad gown today. grad's coming soon...oo. i took S size...don't really remember wearing S in some time. ahaha!

met my zoo zoo family in the evening, by the time we met everyone it was night, we waited from day to night. literally. :p haha...anyway, it was so sweet of them to help me celebrate my birthday early...thank you girls...:)
given by the my zoo family. :)

official the first present i recieved this year.
unofficially the second i received this year, because foong gave me way early at the begginging of the year. :D heh...
thanks girls. :) it was read sweet. won't show whats inside first, shall take a pic on my bday itself it im hardworking enough and post it up...heh...:P

yea...took some nice piccys today, but are not with me. might update it back here soon. :)

okie, i guess that's all for today, take care peeps! :1
be nice humans. loves.

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