Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What else can your freezer do?

pre posted. an auntie edition. good useful tips! heh heh. :P Hope all of you are well! sending love!:)
Your freezer can also....
  • Eliminate unpopped popcorn!

Eliminate the popcorn duds by keeping your unpopped supply in the freezer.

  • Extend candle lifePlace candles in the freezer for at least two hours before burning.

They will last longer.

  • Unstick photosPicture this: Water spills on a batch of photographs, causing them to stick together. If you pull them apart, your pictures will be ruined. Don't be so hasty.

Stick them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Then use a butter knife to gingerly separate the photos. If they don't come free, place them back in the freezer. This works for envelopes and stamps too.

  • Clean a pot Your favorite pot has been left on the stove too long, and now you've got a burned-on mess to clean up.

Place the pot in the freezer for a couple of hours. When the burned food becomes frozen, it will be easier to remove.

  • Remove odorsGot a musty-smelling book or a plastic container with a fish odor?

Place them in the freezer overnight. By morning they'll be fresh again. This works with almost any other small item that has a bad smell you want to get rid of.

i found this here and thought it would be awesome to share. Hope if you try any of these it will work!:D

sending loves.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

lilalien will be away for awhile...

lilalienations: if you see post after the date i fly its probably ones i've pre-posted or maybe i'll get really lucky and get to post from where i am. *fingers cross* luck be with me!:D

for those who popby randomly from time to time, just in case you wonder why the post will dwindle in post in the coming month, its cause i'll be away for awhile....yeap yeaps. :)

Hope whoever you are out there, do take care and be happy!:D
and be kind to humans:p
and i love this. from someone's tumblr.
go as if you own the place.
*with pride. rahhs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre flight random voices.

flying soon.
dad thought i was flying tomorrow and realised in time i wasnt
weather's going to be cold. i hope not freezing.
didn't buy the pull and bear coat. feeling cheapskate. lols.
o weather please be kind to us k?
i hate feeling jittery.
it's not like i'm going long anyway
i want to bring everything including my beloved smelly pillow into the luggage. (don't ask me, mom said so. i'm sure*10 it isnt. *pride XD)
why do i always have pre-jitters before i do anything or go anywhere. literally.even if i'm travelling in sing. since young. i need hynotism to make it go away. haa.
let everything proceed on smoothly.

let all my love ones be taken good care of and feeling happy so i'll be happy free of worries for everyone. :)

and as for me, nothing to be worried about, i'm good at taking care of me. i don't like to, and won't do it unless i need to. so i'm the sort of independent only when needed kind. haa. i won't get get con-cheated to be sold off or stuff. :P

Take care you guys.
be kind to humans and animals for that matter.

Can't wait to catch HP & the Deathly Hallows Part 2!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is finally here! Yayness!:D just in time for me to catch it...phew!:)

And I totally thought it was awesome amazing! I was afraid it might dissapoint me, cause you know how i tend to get dissapointed when i anticipate the coming of a movie and all....it didn't! yay!
The buildup is good..and the cinematography! if you ask me. wowww. i really like it. :)
though mom differs totally. she said. Boringggg. too much waiting around, where's the action yo? ok. she didn't put it that way, but that's her gist.

I don't know. i totally was entertained from the front to the back even though yea, there wasn't much 'action'....

Part 2! I can't wait for it!:)))
but then again, with the coming of part 2 means the film i watch every episode with delight is going to end...that's like 10 years of my life following magicians. witch and wizards. it'll be a joyous and sad occasion? haa...:P
Look how the main cast has blossomed, we literally watched them grow up on the big screens..:)
Emma-Hermione especially blossoms into this very pretty young lady.
long or short pixie hair, she looks amazing. :)
Wonder where we will catch them next? :)
the friendship that blossoms between the magician onscreen is just heartwarming..i'm sure offscreen it is too:)

o! there's more scenes of the twins in this one! i like them! they're funny!:)

If you haven't watched it..gogo. :) unless your not a big fan and like my mom you need to see more action going on...haha..:P
but anyway....heres the full trailer of part 1 n 2

hope you'll like the movie too!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sugar packs.

i saw these on sugar packs. quite witty eh?
i was tempted to go see what other witty phrases they had...hahaha...:P
but no. i didn't.
it's so cute, next time i'll bring them home with me..i'll go see where its sold..anyone seen them before? :)

you were good while you lasted.

byebye my very first lappy. You were an awesome one while you lasted, thank you.So many precious memories were stored with you.:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Someone in Harris @ Jusco must really like Mayday.

lilalienations: flying soon. omg*100.
lilalienations2: selina get well soon. everyone's cheering on for you. :) the road's long. but you'll get there. :))) jia you!

Magazines! Chinese ones...with who?;P
Some surprising Mayday,ok. Ashin finds when i poped by the bookstore. :))) yayness.
I think someone working there ordering the books like Mayday very much. Magazines usually are not kept so long in one bookstore...if you see closely the same BANG! magazine carries issues from January to July...Woohoo. I was on a Ashin spree...lalalalala~ eh! here theres one! O! another one here! o! and another! that was my reaction....hahah...
StayReal's Summer edition launch. I like the one the guy in the middle is wearing...too bad its only for guys....
Interviews...only the 3rd book 'Cool' was more worth the price because it had alot more info and interviews....but hey. i happen to be a sucker when i see things i like...hahha...
Ashin X no2good. makers of Stayreal.
I realise streetbrands like to do collaborations or at least those from Taiwan and Japan do. o and tokidoki!:D (they collaborate with onitsuka tiger to make the awesomest sneakers!!! with prices i cant buy at. -.-) hahaa...
Collaborations sometimes make the work more interesting!:D
Like this one...Stayreal X Snoopy for snoopy's anniversary!
So cuttte! but again. so ex.
hi ashin.
look at who else i found.
my childhood till today charismatic idol.
hi Takuya!:D

Birthdates and characters.

Yesh. Its another one of the thousands i've read and decide to share. haha...it's pretty short (but theres 31 days so the length) and it's in chinese, though who can't understand them...try google translate if interested:)
Here goes:

1 号 独立精神的野心家。因为包容心强又喜欢照顾别人,身边会围绕许多仰慕者。
2 号 性格温柔,喜爱和平,是个感情丰富的浪漫主义者。缺点是容易为一点小事就受伤害。
3 号 洋溢艺术天分,虽然性情令人捉摸不定,但是基本上还是属于受欢迎的一型。
4 号 严谨认真,凡事都会脚踏实地努力耕耘。不过自我意识颇强烈,不善于和他人协调。
5 号 脑筋动得很快,拥有适应变化的能力。喜欢追求刺激,较难安于现状。
6 号 个性温和而且稳重。最大的特色就是不论对任何人,都可以表现得既亲切又宽大。
7 号 感受力敏锐,非常懂得察言观色。不过缺乏和周围协调的能力,注意不要变得太自我中心。
8 号 一旦下定决心,便充满干劲全力以赴。这种个性的人朋友多,敌人也多。
9 号 善解人意,又富有博爱精神。容易感情用事,也容易受到环境左右。
10号 意志力旺盛,不服输,独立心也十分旺盛。需注意不要流于莽撞行事。
11号 性格浪漫又多愁善感,是个肯努力的理想主义者,能够尽情享受丰富的人生。
12号 具有华丽高贵的气质,对各种事物都抱有兴趣,常识丰富,教养良好。
13号 个性冷静谨慎,即使再细微的细节也能注意到。再加上本性诚实,能得到许多人的信赖。
14号 头脑清楚,好奇心旺盛,乐于追求快感,又行事冲动;不可思议的是运气总是很好,很少失败。
15号 意志力很强,立定目标后无论遇上任何挫折,都会排除万难达成。通常都很喜欢照顾别人。
16号 聪明,做事情有条理,不轻易受别人影响,做什幺都有自己的一套。
17号 平常看起来温和体贴,其实主观很强,有时候会出现大胆行动,让身边的! 人大吃一惊。
18号 性格非常极端,不是意志坚定勇往直前;就是感情用事随波逐流。
19号 想象力丰富,有个性又有才华。不过自尊心很强,而且有好强不服输的倾向。
20号 是个性喜和平的浪漫主义者。脾气虽然不错,但如太过任性,将会遇上意想不到的挫折。
21号 开朗快活,充满活力,到哪里都很有人缘,是凡事都往好处想的乐天主义者。
22号 认真而且责任感很强,只要不刚愎自用,做生意成功的机率很大。
23号 挑战心旺盛,学什幺都能很快上手。问题是喜新厌旧,而且欠缺耐性。
24号 拥有敦厚慈爱的人品,所以即使个性神经质,遇到低潮时,身边的人都愿意伸出援手。
25号 看事情不求深入,随着好奇心行动,到处累积经验。个性独立。热爱自由。
26号 耐压力特强,即使肩头责任重大,也能够处理得稳稳当当,是个实行主义者。
27号 有个性,感情也丰富。拥有应付各种状况的机智,若能掌握时机,成为成功人士的机会很大。
28号 韧性很强,拥有战胜困难的力量。这天出生的女性,常给人一种妖艳的印象。
29号 人生的道路似乎波折不断,容易感情用事不过运气和生命力都很强,必定能够成功,获得幸福。
30号 拥有语言文笔艺术等天分。缺点是容易沉浸于逸乐,而缺乏责任感。
31号 诚实认真很清楚自己的人生目标,能依照自己的信念和原则过一辈子。但个性有些顽固。

That wasn't so bad, wasn't as long as i initially expected it to turn out. Mine's 11...what's yours? :) me fave couz is 16...i saw it on her fb page that's why it's up here. I like 16...smart and all...i didn't read all though. well at least mine is not too bad...determined? hahaha...:P

Just have fun reading. the bottom line have fun. its interesting but nothing to take seriously;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i hate it when...

When we go out and i asked if anyone has any suggestions and preferences or timing or place etc etc that they would like to go or get. non. silence. anything.

ok then. i'll decide. But after decision and some coordination there will be someone who will pop out and say WHY NOT ______something else. fill in the blank. then, WHY NOT voice out your suggestion decision in the first place instead of picking the nuts and bolts of other decisions.

When i say anything or i keep my silence i really mean anything and would go with it. apparently. not everybody's words seem the same.

beach buggers. :)

I totally forgotten i took this set of pics because i wasn't tagged in it...but i love this pics precisely because i'm not in it. i can't stand looking at myself i guess.
this set was awesome. i was tempted to edit to make it look more awesome...but i left it to be...the end product looks happy and awesome, but when we were taking there was a far bit of pain because the sand was so coarseeeeee...i made my poor buggers lie on the hot sand just so we can get this pic...poor them..:P oopps...but nice pics came out. :) Hope you all like this pose among the many and so the pain can be worthwhile...hehe...

This set of photos remind me of friends. photos courtersy of jh camera. models my lovely buggers. :) photographer, yours truly. Some were overexposed, but i didn't tempt myself to edit it....

Thank you. Loves. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

because i want all of you to always wear smiles.

i love just sitting around drinking, chatting and playing games with you guys.
even if it means getting tipsy.
the feel of us all together just feels warmy.
buggers missing here are diy. rek and jibjib. but saw him and diy later in the night

and i realised. not realised. cause i knew it all the while. that my brains and hand do not coordinate well together! hahaha...i am a 运动白痴!lols. be warned. :pp

oo. and i realised the girls got tipsy after the drinks, but i wasnt. Ok. now where did all those alcohol go. ahh. it got lost in my fats. 0.-

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thanks jy!

lala says thank you to JY for so kindly lending me her big luggage and somemore helping lug it out to the mrt station to meet me. Xie xies!:DDD
And also the lovely halloween and xmas gifts:)
i haven't open the xmas gift yet. ;)

Now. I have the lugguge, i just need a super good coat and boots to keep me from freezing in the 2degree weather. But they are soooo ex. :( boo. the one i really want on display on pull and bear with the deteachable fur is 149....or 169? opps. haa. that's like the the second cheapest one already. why like thattttttt. people who live in winter countries must be rich. hahahahaa...nah. it's just cheaper in their countries...maybe i'll freeze a day or two before going out to get one. then the boots. argh. on it's own i already don't like buying shoes, though i like boots. but boots are also sky high prices.

come. money. rain on me first then i can go get the stuff....lols...
Back to packing...:S this friday off to the beach at sentosa with the buggers! i have gone more times to sentosa this year than the pass two to three years added together...heh..:)