Sunday, November 14, 2010

beach buggers. :)

I totally forgotten i took this set of pics because i wasn't tagged in it...but i love this pics precisely because i'm not in it. i can't stand looking at myself i guess.
this set was awesome. i was tempted to edit to make it look more awesome...but i left it to be...the end product looks happy and awesome, but when we were taking there was a far bit of pain because the sand was so coarseeeeee...i made my poor buggers lie on the hot sand just so we can get this pic...poor them..:P oopps...but nice pics came out. :) Hope you all like this pose among the many and so the pain can be worthwhile...hehe...

This set of photos remind me of friends. photos courtersy of jh camera. models my lovely buggers. :) photographer, yours truly. Some were overexposed, but i didn't tempt myself to edit it....

Thank you. Loves. :)

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