Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre flight random voices.

flying soon.
dad thought i was flying tomorrow and realised in time i wasnt
weather's going to be cold. i hope not freezing.
didn't buy the pull and bear coat. feeling cheapskate. lols.
o weather please be kind to us k?
i hate feeling jittery.
it's not like i'm going long anyway
i want to bring everything including my beloved smelly pillow into the luggage. (don't ask me, mom said so. i'm sure*10 it isnt. *pride XD)
why do i always have pre-jitters before i do anything or go anywhere. literally.even if i'm travelling in sing. since young. i need hynotism to make it go away. haa.
let everything proceed on smoothly.

let all my love ones be taken good care of and feeling happy so i'll be happy free of worries for everyone. :)

and as for me, nothing to be worried about, i'm good at taking care of me. i don't like to, and won't do it unless i need to. so i'm the sort of independent only when needed kind. haa. i won't get get con-cheated to be sold off or stuff. :P

Take care you guys.
be kind to humans and animals for that matter.

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