Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thanks jy!

lala says thank you to JY for so kindly lending me her big luggage and somemore helping lug it out to the mrt station to meet me. Xie xies!:DDD
And also the lovely halloween and xmas gifts:)
i haven't open the xmas gift yet. ;)

Now. I have the lugguge, i just need a super good coat and boots to keep me from freezing in the 2degree weather. But they are soooo ex. :( boo. the one i really want on display on pull and bear with the deteachable fur is 149....or 169? opps. haa. that's like the the second cheapest one already. why like thattttttt. people who live in winter countries must be rich. hahahahaa...nah. it's just cheaper in their countries...maybe i'll freeze a day or two before going out to get one. then the boots. argh. on it's own i already don't like buying shoes, though i like boots. but boots are also sky high prices.

come. money. rain on me first then i can go get the stuff....lols...
Back to packing...:S this friday off to the beach at sentosa with the buggers! i have gone more times to sentosa this year than the pass two to three years added together...heh..:)

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