Friday, February 29, 2008

its febuary 29th.

yes. it is February 29th. and this year it is a leap year. leap years only come once every four years, that rare.

And if you haven't heard of this, guys quick switch off all your phones and hide at home. haha. kidding.

An irish tradition dating back to the 5th century, concerning St. Bridget and St. Patrick; it was once said that on February 29, that women are can propose to men on this day ( according to THIS site, it say the whole year in fact.) and the men could not reject, for if not they would have to face punishment. Which was to give the lady a long silk dress and a kiss. ( i think there is one more thing but i kinda forgot, vern on class 95 talked about it.)

It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose.

oo...its interesting to read all these varies a little from site to site...but the main idea is there..if you guys are interested, here are the two sites i picked out for you to read up more on it...haa! enjoy the readings. :)
>>Here<< & >>Here<<

o yes. and there is this new show which is releasing in the cinemas today.
Check it out :)
From the trailers it seems like quite a good show, but then again, if you can't cut a trailer to make your show look good, then it would fail as a trailer wouldn't it? heh;)
but i don't mind giving it a shot. making a movie with such a kinda cool title. deserves a chance. :)
hope its good!:)
ultimately low. i felt today. but something made me a little more happier, just when i thought it has lost its magic. thanks phil.:) *you probably never know i say thanks anyway. haha

Come let me share this with you peeps. it might make you smile a lil wider too. :1

"i trip a lot. So does Spencer. I guess its ok. No one's perfect"

I think they are a little small, you can click on them to go to the original site which had them. :)

creativity floats.

Here are some cool creative sites i would like to share. :)


Here's a site which the people put up their most creative ways of making business cards.:)

In this site they show a collection of funny signs from around the world. I find it quite amusing. :)

And I saw this typography...way cool. and not to mention backbreaking. haa.

be brave little ones.

i'm a little slow. slow in doing things, slow in understanding things, slow in reacting to thing.
so i dun get all these complicated game where in stories they are always mostly beautiful, but in real life, sadly, more than not, very hardly the case.

zen zen wakarimasen.

too lazy to bother, to lazy to put myself in one.
too busy healing the wounded.

your tears are too precious little one.

I (we) are alway here for ya:) Everything will turn out just alright.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

toilet business.*updated

A friend of mine, sent me this rather interesting or you can say amusing email about toilet signs recently. Lest, you are afraid you might not be able to consume your dinner after just, let me warn just in case, read after your meal * though i think this really is just tongue in cheek, good laughter, but i know some people can't stand the thought of the toilet:P *

Yeap yeaps, so anyway, here are some cool toilet signs which i saw from the email....How innovative this people can get from the conventional types...

Here goes...:P

Personally, i find this two kinda freaky, as if they would suddenly come alive and talk to you. @-@

I think before i reach the toilet i would have died on the way there. :P ahaha..

So, how were all those toilet signs..? Kinda cool right, the innovative ways people would show the difference between their toilet signs, and the conventional ones.

I would wanna spot one on my own too! that'll be fun, just hope that it not too out of these world that it makes me step accidentally into the wrong toilet. =X ahhh...that'll be just scary. @-@ at times conventional signs aren't that bad at all....:P

Hope your day was good to you and tomorrow will be even better...=) take care dudes and dudettes. be a nice human. loves.:)

Monday, February 25, 2008


I think this photo was very beautifully captured. :) nice and stark contrast. i like. click on it to go the original photographer's flikr page.

Think of Umbrella. What comes to your head? What is your immediate reaction?
I bet! it will be rihanna's umbrella. ella ella. eh eh..haaha!I used to hate that song, i thought it was kinda spastic, but i'm ok with it now though. Not a favourite, just ok with it. haha..=)

But today, i'm not going to talk about rihanna's umbrella song, rather i would like to introduce this song called 雨伞 also known as umbrella in english. It currently sung by Teresa Tseng 曾咏霖 . If you had let my site load long enough, you probably would be able to hear it while reading this now. If you can't hear it you can check out the song >>>here<<<.I think, it is an awesome song. :) I don't know much about lyrics and stuff, but i do like the melody of the song very much. I liked it the first time i listened to it. :) That's the beauty of the song.

Take a moment to enjoy it. :) hope you'll like it too!

o yes. i say the music video on channel U's Spop hurray today! It was done by our students...and im quite sure they are from sta...but who?! im trying to find out, because the names on the show was in chinese X_X so i have no idea who that is....if anyone knows let me know ya? :) I liked the feel and style they put the video in, i thought it blended well. Good job republicans!;)

Ok, yes, i shall tell you more no the background of this song. This song originated from a composer (Dione Tan) among the sea of budding composers who joined the show Spop Hurray on channel U.
What is Spop Hurray? It is a local show in Singapore, to try promote and boost S'pore's music scene. It showcases budding songwriters and composers and its a competition to show which music piece would win overall through the votes of the people. Ain't that nice. Do vote for the songs if you enjoy them! haha...=)

This is the addy for the Spop Site, check it out

Yeaps.:) thats my introduction to you for today. Hope you liked it. :)

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