Thursday, February 28, 2008

toilet business.*updated

A friend of mine, sent me this rather interesting or you can say amusing email about toilet signs recently. Lest, you are afraid you might not be able to consume your dinner after just, let me warn just in case, read after your meal * though i think this really is just tongue in cheek, good laughter, but i know some people can't stand the thought of the toilet:P *

Yeap yeaps, so anyway, here are some cool toilet signs which i saw from the email....How innovative this people can get from the conventional types...

Here goes...:P

Personally, i find this two kinda freaky, as if they would suddenly come alive and talk to you. @-@

I think before i reach the toilet i would have died on the way there. :P ahaha..

So, how were all those toilet signs..? Kinda cool right, the innovative ways people would show the difference between their toilet signs, and the conventional ones.

I would wanna spot one on my own too! that'll be fun, just hope that it not too out of these world that it makes me step accidentally into the wrong toilet. =X ahhh...that'll be just scary. @-@ at times conventional signs aren't that bad at all....:P

Hope your day was good to you and tomorrow will be even better...=) take care dudes and dudettes. be a nice human. loves.:)

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