Friday, February 15, 2008

is it gung fu or kung fu?

lilalienations1: on a note of randomness...i forgotten to say this...wanted to say it for a long time...
ah meng. the singapore zoo's iconic monkey. you will be missed...='( i remember seeing you when i was a ah meng.:)
if you do not know who ah meng can read a lil more on it>> here.<<

on a lighter note...congrats to one of my best buds for giving birth to a baby boy just not too long ago!:) may the baby and mama both alway be healthy and beautiful.:D take care~ loves.

Went to watch Gung fu (Kungfu?) dunk [功夫灌籃] with the girls today...=)) yay! I didn't choose it because it had jay ah....not
Jy had to work so we catched the night movie at 7.30pm. I will tell you a lil more on the show later...don't worry...i will try not to have many spoilers..=P lol.

Luckily we went early, my guess is that many people were celebrating post valentine's and decided to catch movies too. So its always smart to purchase your tickets in advance! heh.XD The theater for the show was almost full house, wow.

Today we or rather I? saw two unexpected people(in a good way of course). While waiting for jieying we walked around a lil...and going up or was it down from the escalator someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

Turned around to realise it was alex from my elective class, i could only utter a suprise and happy hey! hahaa...pardon me if i do that to anyone next time...i would probably be startled and happy and only get to say avery happy hey!:) instead of hi...-_-'' wrong

anyway, why i was particularly happy is because, recently, some of my old friends or acquaintances or i should put it as people i used to know refuse to acknowledge my presence. Maybe its not refuse, maybe its cannot see...? Don't want to see..? Act blur..? Or really forgotten me...-_-; :( o at times i seem like a idiot smiling at people who 'can't' see me.

So yeaps, it esp makes me happy, that even though i didn't see him he came over and said hi, and i could only gave a happy hey! in me pardon me...he was with his girlfriend, so i guess couldn't have talked much But something lil like tt made my time if people catch me by surprise for a hi i must make sure i say something more than a happy startled hey! yeas~ XD

And then jy came...then we went to eat huilings fave fish soup at ps..:)
yeaps. this are the 3 lovelies i went out with. 2 underwater creatures fishy, cuttlefish and one orange * i say its where spongebob's girlfriend stays:P*
then we camwhore took a few pictures together.:)

they made many attempts to do paparazzi shots on me cux i was wearing something different from my usual getout of tshirt and jeans. (their comfyyy what.) haha...huiling had to practically nag me to wear it cux they wanted to it long time ago...first time i wear.

what can i say..? t shirt and jeans are easy? yay? lol... anyway. my face look so round too...-_-;;; i must have less of those sinful newyear the stuff below was captured by them...they say they are going to get me out of my usual tshirt and argument that i wear skirt too didn't exactly work...cux they say its jeans material too...argh. lost.
dressing up is such a hassle...guess im not much of a girl. neat and tidy can liao mah...haha...not 'lang loy' no need wear so 'swee swee' ...if you understood what tt meant...;P heh.

so yea...this were some of the shots...there were a few..but i didn't keep still or

which after (dinner) we walked on...and we saw meiyan! lalala~haven't seen her since our taiwan trip...i think jy and meiyan haven't seen each other in a longer chat chat chat...heh...=)
wah...long time never see ehx...blah blah blah...
*looks like some aunties chatting. Opps!=X haha

one batch before us. meiyan & jy:)

i guess they had alot of fun chatting and catching up with each other...
time went by fast, it was 7.30 soon..time for our movie!
Jy wanted to see Jay~
I just wanted to have a good laugh and enjoy the movie, and partly because i had some bad comments on the show i went in with no expectations. which was a good thing, in this case i mean...heh.:) cause i manage to enjoy the show quite a bit, and comedies..? you can never get too much of it! Who wanna sob and cry while watching a show...not me! i rather laugh my hearts out! unglam. but fun! heh.

so yea...this everyone would have known by now. Its main lead is Jay chou. Other actors include Baron Chen:) , Chen Bo lin :)), Eric Tsang and actress Charlene Choi :))) * me like her* lol
L to R : Baron Chen, Chen Bo Lin, Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Eric Tsang

This movie is a cooperation of the Taiwan and Hong Kong entertainment sides. There were mixture of mandarin and Cantonese in the show. Though i didn't really understand the Cantonese, it added flavour somehow.

People always state Gillian of the twins to be the fairer of the two, but i beg to differ, i always preferred Charlene. She stands out more because of her seemingly outgoing more bubbly personality. So of the two, i kinda like her better. =) and this is not a bias statement because of the recent saga gillian had...-_-;
Charlene just gave out a more energetic happy vibe. yea. So even though her role wasn't exactly big or juicy in the show, i still enjoyed her little onscreen time. See the pics..? Pretty whatt...haha..=)

Yes yes, and without doubt, i enjoyed seeing the hunks dunking. That new dude did good, handsome lah. *ok im abit shallow here* but handsome lah. quite sure, with this movie it will be a good stepping stone for him to enter the bussiness and get more stuff in no move.
Chen bo lin...oo..he acted a drunked and sobers up only for ball time. but with tt rugged looked and all, he was oo so quite handsome man. surprise surprise, i usually would hate man would all the stubble, mustache and all. haha...but somehow he looked good...yeayea...*alamak. shallow again.nvm lah:P* weeee~*-* ;)

Jay chou was quite funny with all the little actics and stunts he manage to do...shan't spoil it for won't say it here...but overall, it ain't too lame...quite cool..:)
i guess part of it was because the special effects didn't look too cheesy...jy pointed out to me there were many english names during credit roll, so i guess they outsourced the animations?

Here is a lil trailer..there are quite a few..but this one has english subs.

And heres another one with alot of rough cuts and edited away scenes,or rather unedited scenes, things we didn't see in the actual movie. I think it is like one of the beta copies....its rather interesting to see what we don't get to see on the screens. Go ahead and watch it interested..:) no huffed up stuff and some parts are different, so if your interested in what they have edited away or put in...its interesting. to me it is. :)

Anyway...i would definitely recommend this to those who want to have a good laugh, whether you are a fan or jay or not..yeaps..:) but remember one thing...don't go in with too high a expectation ya? it might just spoil the show...heh...its a new year comedy which aint too bad at all...=)
And if you are a KungFu Dunk fan...heres a rather nice article on a chat with the cast of the show...Check it out at this webby.. >>> Here. <<<

Overall it was a great day and im sure all 4 of us enjoyed the movie and everything...=) yay~
till next time..take care peeps. loves. be a nice human. n smile!:D

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