Tuesday, February 19, 2008

fei fei jie. you will be missed. :'(

today has been a very busy day...and still is with no doubt . But during breakfast i saw the sad news on Channel News Asia.....
Lydia Sum aka Fei fei jie passed away today (Tuesday 19th) at the age of 60 after fighting a battle with liver cancer for a few months.
More news on it if you want to read. >>> Here <<<>>>here<<<

I do not remember when i started knowing about her...but i have liked her character ever since, size was never a matter for her which in irony could have the root of all evil...but to her, 'fei ye you fei de mei' which means that in a fat person you can also find beauty. to her it doesn't mean you have to follow the fashion line to go stick thin to be pretty. and i admire her for that, in a way.

but i will always love her for that jolly joyous personality. Her hearty laugh, her framed specs, her bigger than life personality. How do you not love a lady like that? :)
Fei fei jie, you will be missed. rest in peace. :)

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