Friday, February 1, 2008

finale. seriously. its the last day.

Some old pics i found.:))


Today is really, finally, the last day of school. It marks the end of my school life in rp...:'( / :)

Seriously, its kinda bittersweet mix of emotions? bah....shant get to soppy over it today...boohoo. :P

Congratulations to all Yr2005 Rp Graduates!:)

ok..since its a last day. I should thank everyone i met in rp...yea..thank you.:)
there was ps0105
(E24L Sceno class) (E24D Short media class) (E24Q interactive entertainment class)
My covalents who are also in rp ;)
And not to mention the staff and facis and photocopyshop auntie!:P

From which the gang of E26R , Unglam Royalties (unglams) , Zoo Family, Hula girls,Miistyfied all came out from....:))

I wanna say a BIGBIGBIG Thank you to all. Really. ^-^ You made my life in rp alot more happier..:) i really love you all..bits and pieces!:)

More old pics i found

Omg. i heart you guys! Looking at the pics just makes me soo happy!:) that's all for today..will update more piccys soon...the rest are in my lappy...heh...don't this photos just evoke good old memories...? :D *more piccys soon!

Take care people. Love ya all. Peace out.^-^v

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