Monday, February 25, 2008


I think this photo was very beautifully captured. :) nice and stark contrast. i like. click on it to go the original photographer's flikr page.

Think of Umbrella. What comes to your head? What is your immediate reaction?
I bet! it will be rihanna's umbrella. ella ella. eh eh..haaha!I used to hate that song, i thought it was kinda spastic, but i'm ok with it now though. Not a favourite, just ok with it. haha..=)

But today, i'm not going to talk about rihanna's umbrella song, rather i would like to introduce this song called 雨伞 also known as umbrella in english. It currently sung by Teresa Tseng 曾咏霖 . If you had let my site load long enough, you probably would be able to hear it while reading this now. If you can't hear it you can check out the song >>>here<<<.I think, it is an awesome song. :) I don't know much about lyrics and stuff, but i do like the melody of the song very much. I liked it the first time i listened to it. :) That's the beauty of the song.

Take a moment to enjoy it. :) hope you'll like it too!

o yes. i say the music video on channel U's Spop hurray today! It was done by our students...and im quite sure they are from sta...but who?! im trying to find out, because the names on the show was in chinese X_X so i have no idea who that is....if anyone knows let me know ya? :) I liked the feel and style they put the video in, i thought it blended well. Good job republicans!;)

Ok, yes, i shall tell you more no the background of this song. This song originated from a composer (Dione Tan) among the sea of budding composers who joined the show Spop Hurray on channel U.
What is Spop Hurray? It is a local show in Singapore, to try promote and boost S'pore's music scene. It showcases budding songwriters and composers and its a competition to show which music piece would win overall through the votes of the people. Ain't that nice. Do vote for the songs if you enjoy them! haha...=)

This is the addy for the Spop Site, check it out

Yeaps.:) thats my introduction to you for today. Hope you liked it. :)

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