Monday, February 11, 2008

some shows to recommend..:)

been feeling off a lil these days....never really liked cny due to some reasons i won't bother to disclose...
and with more time? on my hands...maybe a lil. :p i went back to J dorama time!:))) weee..i like! suki desu! Happy!:)

Been holding on to this jmovie for a long time and haven't really gotten down to watching's call Nana. Yup, that's 7 in Jap.
But im talking about the movie Nana here, its about 2 girls and their lives. Liked the song..heard it before watching the show. Awesome song!:) Yuna ito-Endless Journey. Many other songs in the show are quite cool too. Do listen out for them..:) you can get them from this site...its quite a good fan site..:) go buy the album and show if you like it!;)

This site HERE(its the same one as above) is a good Nana movie fan gives background to the cast and all.... And theres the wiki site wiki for nana movie and manga..which i think has a good writeup info this time round.
Another good site which i really liked while looking through all the nana site stuff like a crazy fan. -_-'' was this one: Here! I liked overall how they sculptured the site, it didn't look just like any crazy fan site, the photos and everything of the main actress Aoi looked very very nice and professional. The whole feel of the site was very clean and professional. I like!:) have a look there. nice shots!

Go watch the movie...i really enjoyed it, maybe you would too!:) the set design was also done well, if i were to say so, but then again they had the original manga to have as inspiration...

after that..i was crazy enough to look for nana2 to watch it online...:p haha...but some of the cast were changed due to some reasons. You can read why >> HERE << & >> Here! <<>(though im a sucker for this kind of endings too!:P) it ends more in how life would always be, ironic and not fairytale. Its about growing up and moving on....makes the whole plot more real in a sense i guess....yeaps.

This were the original cast from Nana. (the first one) I liked this actors better...or maybe cux they just happen to be original cast thus gaining more popularity...? But, i think they brought out more flavour and essence...esp. aoi the second in the pic acting as Nana(cute) aka. Hachiko, she seemed more suited for the role as compared to the other latter actress. Then again could be my biasness...:p nahh. haha...

While i was wathching nana 1...i saw this actor which sticked out, the guy who acted as Shin. He was so familiar, but i had NO idea where i saw him. absolutely non. zen zen wakari-masen. <action only.scarely

There...this is the guy who acted as Shin in Nana;Kenichi Matsuyama. Do you find him familiar too? Or issit just me...?
Curious nosy poker as i am...i did a lil googling...and aaaeee! i finally realised who he was!
Guess guess!! Can you guess? prob you already know. act dumb. cux i am. -_-'' i didnt know.

Do you know yet..? Have you guessed? Keep guessing? He's coming to big screens near you!

He is "L" from Death Note!!
omg. and to think i could'nt recognise where i saw him before. haha...
can you blame me..? He looks...well. kinda different...heh..:p he looks like this...scroll up to see that clean cut with all the devilish hair and wonder he looks different.

But on his acting skills, yea...jumping from Shin in Nana to L is rather different...not bad not bad...;)
Found some pics of him which look so different...have a looky....=)

these are some nice pics eh? :) it soo doesn't look like L. aha...can't expect him to look like tt in real life can we..?
its japan. where the pretty boys come from. lol. image is important. haha..:p bijin shounen. ( i can't remember the accurate spelling, but it roughly means pretty teen boy?) something like tt...heh.Xp

so...yesh. i am one of those waiting in line like a crazy teen wanting to watch the Death Note spin off. L changes the world. The Story is set in the last 23 Days of L’s life

click on the piccy to read up more on the movie on another site i found..
weee~:) wanna watch! hope its good!

ok. so much for that. now for the next recommendation...its a j-dorama this time round..:) a comedy! my fave...peeps who know me know i hate sob sob shows...:P
this show is called
My Boss My Hero.

this is the short sypnosis from the wiki site.I picked out a summary from it.You can read the full thing >> Here <<.

"Sakaki Makio, also known as "Tornado" is a tough 27-year-old high school drop-out.
By academic standards, he's pretty dumb. His father decides to force Makio to return to high school to receive his diploma. If Makio doesn't graduate, the position of boss will be given to his younger brother, Mikio."

" Things start out rough and tough as Makio's violent temper is tested. As the lessons and days go by he learns there is much more to school than just tests and studying."

Left:Student Makky. Right: Yakuza; Makio

This show is really kinda funny by my standards that is...:) anyone who wanna have a lil laugh...i think you can have a go at this j drama. Its sometimes senseless laughter, but sometimes it has touching moments too...which is nice. :) oo...i love the senseless pudding fights...but below all this senseless fun, the show is putting across a nice meaningful message. nice.:) if ur free...have a watch at this drama.=)
I haven't finished watching it yet...but till now...its getting me hooked...:) i just love jdramas!:) weeeeee~ could be because of the long break from them due to the busy life...but sometimes being a crazy drama fanatic aint bad at all. you'll learn and see different things:)

If you catch these shows tell me if you do enjoy them...=) till then...happy watching! Take care peeps!:) ja ne~

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