Thursday, February 23, 2012

a lil buggers chinese new year celebration -2012

Let's see....
This post is super back dated!!
Was looking through the fb pics then remembered I haven't blogged anything about our CNY this yr...
coming to think about it, we have been celebrating it together almost without fail for 11years now...
homg. cause we are that old. 
this year we are significantly short of a few people because of various reasons..but in spirit we always have each other in our hearts and celebrate together.

altogether now....
my room! 
so small but still always able to nicely accommodate my bu?ggers.
either my room is cozy or they really aren't fussy people...and knowing them i'm sure its the latter. :)
when you see photos like know why right?
multishot! hehe
mama noticed and say i got the wrong occasion...
Don't have CNY soft toy mah...
i love house visiting with the buggers!:)
we were on the way to ming's house for steamboat. 
lotsa laughter along the way...
and look! ming stole my shirt to make it into his bag...caught red handed!!!!!*insider joke*
i love smiley ads!

can't say wishing you all 新年快乐 now right?i think is can bah...?
but i can still wish all 
and most important if you ask me


Have a smooth dragon year ahead!


In other news...
One day more to
五月天2012 諾亞方舟世界巡迴 - 新加坡站!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

when your feel down and out remember...

things WILL get BETTER!
if you fall, the only next step is to only get up...
so don't worry, things can only get better. :)

Hang in there!
You'll see the shining ray soon

i am sending you lotsa my love.
<3 <3 <3 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day:)

This post is a little late to wish yall a Happy Valentines day but I have been so busy that I didn't have the time to come here and wish you all a good even though it's a little belated...
I would still love to wish all loverbirds blissfulness always:)

And all those who like me have yet to find tt special someone to spend your life ahead not never know who's falling in love with your smile;)

I'm suddenly reminded of that Disney song..."someday my prince will come...." I don't need any prince lah hor even though my name means 我决得是好就好咯...Lols..
Received a stalk of rose this yr:)) Happy! To many who gets bouquets of flowers and take if for granted it may seem like nothing...but to me..I'm really grateful:)) thanks to my colleague Lydia who's also aiming to open her own florist shop next time for it...:)
she also bought us this heart shape cheese cakey!
Must make her something nice in return soon:)

 In Singapore and I think most western parts of the world we don't have the practice of 'White Valentine's Day'(i left the wiki link on, go read! ;))
I first got to know of it from's a lil different from e Western world where mostly it's the guys giving the girls flowers & chocos...girls do give guys too! But in Japan on Vday the girls would go all out to get the guy she likes chocos, handmade of store bought...and on 14 march one month later if the guy reciprocate it means he too likes her in return...maybe he's trying to be nice and friendly:) imagine the torture of waiting one whole month for the reply...

So if you do practice this tradition and happen to be reading , Wishing you luck!!:))) gambatte yo! If he doesn't reciprocate, too bad for him! Someone suitable for you will come your way someday:))

Don't only treat ur other half good on Vday, treat them well every day:) everyone will
Be happier too!:))

so the very lonely me. #boohoo.
haha. i only feel forever alone (ryan higa *see his vid in the link* says its over use and i think it's true btw!:P)
on over commercialized days like this!
*oh o...i smell some sour grapes.....LOLs


all that aside, 
Love and be loved for who you are and who he/she is. 
besides, you'll be spending a lifetime together, pretense is definitely not the way to go. 

Wishing you all Lotsa happiness and love alwayyyys!

lovu lovu~
*ps this are .gif pics...i wonder if they can move as you are reading them...super cute ones!XD
 love ashin's chu!'s one too near! lol

五月天2012 諾亞方舟 - One week more!

Have you packed your bags?
Are you ready to go NoWhere with Mayday?
One week more to 五月天2012 諾亞方舟世界巡迴 - 新加坡站! Are you ready? :D
We're leaving on Noah's Arc this Saturday 25th February! 
It's Now. It's Here.
 告别2011 最后一座暮光之城
追寻2012未来世界 一道曙光之门


Tempting eh. I've gotta say, you'll fall in love with them once you see them live. 
Worth every bit of that price. :)
秒杀! 台北首航七场门票一天全数卖光!"

What do you mean you haven't gotten tickets yet? !! 
Luckily being very nice to fans they opened an additional area to the already sell out concert!

Your welcome:)
如果还有明天 相信音乐 相信五月天.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Analysing blood types.

I love to read all this kind of analysing personality kinda stuff. Some people call it rubbish, some call it faith, some hold on to it like the bible. For me? I just read it for fun and take it with a pinch of salt....Well it may be true to a certain extend, but people are moulded by many other things too right? ;)

So just read for fun! No matter how true it's not the bible or scriptures. ;))

Ps. i realised the pic is abit small to read, click on it to make it bigger for viewing. :)
mine is o!
but i think i don't like to the sort which will take up the job if no one is there to handle it...
because too many chef cooks will also spoil the broth!
heh. :P
credits to JY's old blog..(she moved without telling me!! *gasp!*) 
jy! how could youu...i'm your avid reader. :((( *ok go feel guilty now. LOLs :PP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 million subscribers and i was part of it!

i was looking through my pics and i found this super random screen i took some time back at 1.44am. 
how free i was then to enjoy videos at that hour. 
haven't been doing much of those for a long time. 
been so busy and draining i get so tired or tied down by work. 
today after handling some work stuff i decide to blog a lil so its 3.07am and i am writing this to schedule! woohoo!
so. psst. i'm not writing this on a weekday at an unearthly hour.
 #painsofgrowingup. :p

randomness at its best. 
but when i was watching ryan higa's 4million subscribers video and he was thanking the people who subscribed it seemed as if he was thanking me when i saw that. so yea! a must screenshot lah!:D

no. of course not it was not address to me. 
but since he was addressing all his fans, i take it its to me too because you see. 

Thank you ryan!
will continue suporting your vids!

ryan just hit 5million hits!:)

homg. sorry that was my fangirling side. :P
all started with my beloved wongfu. 
i'll be seeing them this month!
its been my dream to see them. Gotta thank ann nee for inviting me and selling me that extra tix she had on hand so i can meet them! :DDD
what you mean you didn't know?!
you haven't got the tix yet?
No wayyy!
Get them HERE**
your welcome. 
<3 <3 <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

I have almost forgotten how to blog...

Ola everybody!:))

I have not blogged for quite some time now....and honestly. I don't know where to start!!! Seems that so much have gone by recently. Was feeling pretty drained sometime back. I couldn't tell if it was the hormones you know those pesky ones which makes girls all emotional once a month or whether it was really because I was really drained.

But thankfully, I'm the sort who sorts out most of the things with tears and a good shower. And maybe a good retail therapy, (but have realised, my funds are kinda dwindling so I have to curb myself on spending anything on me at the moment. boo to that. :(( but was very happy to spend on cousie and auntie when they were in Singapore for a short few days) I wish i could be less stingy on myself, but i can't. Damn. I can justify spending to make people around me happy because I will be happy too. But i can't justify spending that much on myself because I will just end up feeling guilty and feeling broke. -__-' what's my logic? o but then again, i spent with no hesitation on mayday's concert. *活该feel broke. lols. idol mahh.:P

haha. So anyhoo, one morning before work I think i spent a good 20minutes breaking down while dressing up. I wanted to just emo abit longer just to you know maybe get it all out of my system but I still had to check the time so i wasn't late for work. WAHLAO EH. #loser. #failmax. LOLs.

but after that, ok maybe emo-ed for a few days i was fine already. so i like to think its the stupid ladies hormones. i'm not the depress o cut wrist kinda person after all. :PP o but wait. i have violent tendencies as a kid, i like to scratch myself and bang the wall because i was so upset and angry and didn't know how to express it. i suspect i was an autistic kid. lol lols!!

this post came out as a pretty random rambling i just realised. no photos?! nooo. that is so not my style..i'll go dig something out to put, heh. :)

ever since i started working ive not been blogging much. *guilty much* it's ironic how i fell in love with blogging and the whole blogosphere and yet after i started working i can do what i love less, which is i blog so little now.
lazy & procrastination adds a big part to just being busy.

i'm in the mood to blog now after this super random ramblings post i think i shall do multiple post today....i hope! heh.

to the people who are celebrating Vday soon, have you gotten everything done yet? Or are you the kind of couple who just treats everyday as Vday. That's awesome!:))

anyhoo. Have an awesome Valentine's Day. Sending out all my love to you guys and be a nice person! even if you are still currently #foreveralone, don't worry, someone will come by! Even if niceguys finish last, do still be one, because as with with what my fave Wongfu pro. would always say
Niceguys rocks. Nicegirls too!

hohoho. i found a very awkward photo of myself. 
usually i won't dare post it. 
but since its such an awkward photo of me i shall just let you see why i usually don't put make up and wear sleeveless dresses.

i was trying *very hard* to look pretty. 
but fail max. 
i end up looking like
"hello. i ish an awkward turtle taking touristy pics"
my colleague was asking me, which profile do you look nicer in when you take photos...omg. i didn't know. -_-
cannot stand myself. how to be ladylike like that?!

yay! a photo with the girls. credits to jy. :))
no, i wasn't wearing the minnie mouse hairband out..though i have one! hehe..:P

that's all for today. 
have a good weekend everybuddy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

worst nemesis

I was reading Nuffnang's Blog just earlier on and came across this post.

It said:

"Hands up if you are…
Traumatized by acne problems?
Struggling with annoying whiteheads & blackheads?
Blotting your oily skin 24/7?"

Wahwahwah! They are talking to me man! Yea. *Que 2pm song* Put your hands up put your hands up! lols. so excited. -_- Not exactly talking about a happy incident here -____-. In fact it was one of the most traumatising period in my life. It was so bad that I really didn't dare to step out of the house for months to come as it grew worst, if you have never suffered the same fate before, YOU CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND.
my sentiments exactly!

Back then i tried tons of creams, facial and juice and what say you not kind of rubbish.

one scary one is from a good guy friend who swore by this method:
Using toothpaste to put on top of your pimple. 

he swears by it. 
being very trusting. #win. (but not a #win in this case ? )
I got a 'chao ta' face.
Well, too many pimples all over so I had to put so much and my face being sensitive got red and sensitive and 'burnt'. 

sad case max. 
after that. 
i just left everything alone. 

by miracle i can go out to see sunlight now. 
i suggest you see doctor. don't anyhow anyhow lah hor. 
or in accordance with the blog post i was reading earlier, i'll share with you...
they are having a giveaway!
so since you are desperate for a solution (how i know? been there. done that)
why not give it a try?