Sunday, February 19, 2012

五月天2012 諾亞方舟 - One week more!

Have you packed your bags?
Are you ready to go NoWhere with Mayday?
One week more to 五月天2012 諾亞方舟世界巡迴 - 新加坡站! Are you ready? :D
We're leaving on Noah's Arc this Saturday 25th February! 
It's Now. It's Here.
 告别2011 最后一座暮光之城
追寻2012未来世界 一道曙光之门


Tempting eh. I've gotta say, you'll fall in love with them once you see them live. 
Worth every bit of that price. :)
秒杀! 台北首航七场门票一天全数卖光!"

What do you mean you haven't gotten tickets yet? !! 
Luckily being very nice to fans they opened an additional area to the already sell out concert!

Your welcome:)
如果还有明天 相信音乐 相信五月天.

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