Sunday, February 12, 2012

worst nemesis

I was reading Nuffnang's Blog just earlier on and came across this post.

It said:

"Hands up if you are…
Traumatized by acne problems?
Struggling with annoying whiteheads & blackheads?
Blotting your oily skin 24/7?"

Wahwahwah! They are talking to me man! Yea. *Que 2pm song* Put your hands up put your hands up! lols. so excited. -_- Not exactly talking about a happy incident here -____-. In fact it was one of the most traumatising period in my life. It was so bad that I really didn't dare to step out of the house for months to come as it grew worst, if you have never suffered the same fate before, YOU CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND.
my sentiments exactly!

Back then i tried tons of creams, facial and juice and what say you not kind of rubbish.

one scary one is from a good guy friend who swore by this method:
Using toothpaste to put on top of your pimple. 

he swears by it. 
being very trusting. #win. (but not a #win in this case ? )
I got a 'chao ta' face.
Well, too many pimples all over so I had to put so much and my face being sensitive got red and sensitive and 'burnt'. 

sad case max. 
after that. 
i just left everything alone. 

by miracle i can go out to see sunlight now. 
i suggest you see doctor. don't anyhow anyhow lah hor. 
or in accordance with the blog post i was reading earlier, i'll share with you...
they are having a giveaway!
so since you are desperate for a solution (how i know? been there. done that)
why not give it a try? 

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