Sunday, January 22, 2012

新年快乐! 恭喜发财! 万事如意!好运当头! Huat ahhh! Happy Lunar New Year!

新年快乐! 恭喜发财! 万事如意!好运当头!
Huat ahhh! 发啊!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Hello everyone! 
Sorry I haven't been updating for a period of time...
gomen gomen!! >.<
but this time it's really not because i've been lazy...
*whispers. ok maybe a little bit*
but it's really more because my life is really a hectic mess at the moment, its not a mess, its just i'm a little emotional wreck. I think too much and feel too much and dunno how to release them properly so it just feel like a lil off at the moment. But after the last straw yesterday due to some trivial matter (ok, not so trivial, i didn't manage to buy my wongfu meet and greet tix. but usually i wouldn't have cried. but i think it was kinda a last straw, and it was a good emotional release. Who says being a crybaby is not a good thing? I think it helps me get things straight and release inner tension. *act cheem* lols)

But the lucky thing is, Ann nee my beloved travfam sis also a fellow Wongfu fan. A new convert, muahahaha:D bought two tix, one for her bf and one for herself, but knowing i couldn't get the tix, they very nicely offered me the tix...sweet or what?! Love them to bits. Really appreciative & thankful. :)) not really because of the tix fully, but more so because they did something so feel all so warm and fuzzy. :)) awww. 
so yesh! I'll be going to see them! LIVE! and hopefully take a pic and get their autograph! *feeling like a total fangirl* but i don't care! love them!
been catching them since they first started and were not officially known as wongfu yet, where phil was still making his lip synching far they have come! :) my inspirations. really:)

so anyway. going back to my original topic, 
been really really busy so i haven't been blogging much. 
i promise i will be back when i can. i'll try! still love writing here though i'm not too sure if anybody apart from myself and maybe jy reads...haha...*or jy, you skipping on me too? :P

but honestly, i've stay positive all these while thanks to the support gotten from everyone. 

Family and friends. 
sometimes you only see how much people care in times like these...
so, you know who you all are..

from the bottom of my heart, most sincerely.


On the other note, i shall go back to the start, 
It's the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year now as i'm typing!
新年快乐!! 恭喜恭喜! 大家发大财啊! :))
龙马精神。 生体健康。 
天天都快快了了的。 开开心心! 

so in english its
Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! May prosperity come all our way!
Have great Luck in the dragon year and may all the good things run to our side. 
Health and happiness surround us always!

and with that the dragon bids the bunny good bye. 
its the dragon year, my year coming up next!:)
the pics are so cute right! i've leave the original links on them so go see the artist if you like the pics!;)
 another one from wanwan!
rabbit says bye to dragon. off to do duty for a year!

Who would you think of if i asked for famous dragons?
one of my all time favourite cartoon dragons has got to be Mushu!
from the movie Disney's Mulan!
pretty much a little trouble maker, but super cute and funny!
dragons seldom appear in cartoons and half the time they are evil characters so i love fun and lovable mushu! :))

who's your fave dragon character?

All decorations are up!
The place is cleaned! Just needa tidy my room a lil tmr and we're all set to usher in the new Dragon year!

HUAT AH! :)))

Take care everyone!
I know all the goodies are irresistible, remember to drink more water and rest more to prevent yourself from falling ill!
And its the new year, be a nice human!

sending lotsa love to all!
<3 <3 <3

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