Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012 New Year! :)

Happy New Year!:)) How did you spend your last day of 2011? Mine was pretty awesome! Though lacking of sleep and sickly with this annoying and never going away cough (it's still with me! >.

Looking back the year was an eventful one....even though honestly i didn't really like the year as a whole, i still always believe i'm blessed. :) With family and friends you love and who love you, there's nothing that much to complain after all is there? :))

I tried to dig out some photos to recall what i did back in 2011, maybe it isn't exactly complete, but i think it should go something like this...

Last year during this time, I just came back from the States, flying in from the very beautiful San Francisco which i fell in loved with. 
travfam made our way back from the States.

in january i was in lovely San Francisco with my travfam and made my way back in Jan..:)
really love San more pic with oneh chan Didi!:)

We celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit~
Chinese New Year Celebrations with the Buggers
Went to Mrs Lee and Uncle Tan's house too:)
 Cny Celebrations at my home w travfam:)
First time visiting Ann nee's house for CNY. :)

Then i grew a year older...23!
 Celebrating Bday with Ann nee and trav fam at Sentosa!
 Bday celebrations with the buggers:)
 Bday celebrations with my zoozoo:)
Celebrated with my covalents <3 :)
we have so little pics close to non existent last yr, homg! this yr i must take :)

Celebration with my beloved flautist. :)

then i went off for a short trip to batam!
 Went with my zoo zoo. :)
 Found and ate my favourite green kueh!
Awesome surprise! Made me a happy girl!:)
Went to the Mint Museum for the first time because Jinjin had free tix, thanks jin jin!:)
Met the gals afterwards...where are my photos?! i can't find them..:(
 Went to Sis's convocation...:)
 We went to Ming's Officer graduation! (ok lah, i know there is a specific name for this but i can't remember...:P)
 in white Officer suit!

We helped jojo's boyfriend on his quest for proposal to Joanne!
mission accomplish! job well done!:)) bride top be suspected nothing!:))

And then i helped celebrated many more people's bdays, i'm sure i'm missing alot of people's bday photo pics here...i celebrated alot *10 more than these...
Celebrated Twinnie's 23rd. :) Everyone gets very busy after that, we meet less and less:(
Celebrated Ling's bday:)
Orange's bday secret celebration cheng gong!:)
jy!! why don't have pic of your bday celebration...sorwi..i cannot find..:((
 mum's bday at the white rabbit. :)
 Daddy's bday at diy's workplace. love e food. awesomeeee yums!
 did something special for meng's bday!
photo collage for him! Really nice!

Finally waited till Mayday's 3DNA movie realease date!
 Went with JY and Orange and made JY a Mayday convert, i'm sure she'll love them!:))
 the movie was aweeeshuomee! :DD

And the big highlight event of the year!
Hello! i officially graduated!:D
 The buggers and Orange turned up to show and give me their sweet:)))
Candy decided to go back to Shanghai :'( So i had a meeting with my two buds from overseas in Mdia Louise and Candy and also pretty mummie Linda. :)
Hope Candy will come back soon:)
i watched the muppets!
haha...i watched many other shows too, but i had this too cute to not put up pic for the year right?;P
oyesh, and i haven't mentioned have i?
i found work, went into the working world. 
this is one from when i went to Napbas 2011. :)
 my beloved coussie foong came over for xmas day trip. :)

 and this is MSL's POP 2011, went back for a 'performance' :)
All these people in black, are alumni!
Look how big we have become! :)))
my beloved uncle tan must be very proud of us, as we are always and will always be proud to have him as our beloved conductor:))

10 years ago when i joined the band, i would never have been able to guess, how much i've gained through the band. 
if more than anything else, i gain lotsa love. 
thank you my buggers for 10 years. :)
looking at this photo makes me feel emotional? not really, but kinda. oxymoron. hahaha...

 And in the final hours of 2011 this was who and how i spent it...

 Steamboat with the Buggers @ home!
 We could have it easier eating at some fancy restaurant, but i prefer it to be less crowded, more personal. :)
and i made them listen to mayday concerts, muaaahahaha.
but they did enjoy it too ( i hope? :P) whats there not to like?
They say good things must share mah, so i shared one of my greatest love with them. :))
Steamboat. buggers. mayday. 
just aweshomeeeez! <3
and this was us counting down to 2012 @ Woodlands near the civic centre. :)

Really love fireworks!:)
and love the no jam..
after enjoying the countdown and fireworks we just happily walked home for dessert...
How nice was that? :))
After that in 2012
 in the first few hours of 2012...

 We had a mask party!
pretty start to a new year! 

So how did you spend your last year?

May 2012 bring us a whole load more joy, love, peace and laughter...
Be a smooth sailing one...:)
Take care and be a nice human everyone!

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