Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My beloved cousie visits for Xmas. :)

 my beloved cousie foong came over to Sing over the Xmas weekend. She's so super sweet, she came last year too when I was not around, this year she came again, i think especially to see me *bhb* and also mum to send all lotsa love and tonic. (mum loves the thought but is really scared of the tonic, hahah!)

Don't really have time to write much, and it's pretty much just us camwhoring so yea...i'll let you see me being stupid and let you have a good laugh! :P
 i'm the kind of person who can never take pretty pretty pics like some "shu nu" ladylike lady. 
I dunno man, i just look awkward or fat or retard or something...haha...

with people i'm comfortable with, i dare to be a goondu full blast. :P
 foong! Take good care in China k my fellow dragon. :))
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! <3

to end off with my fave pic of mum and foong. 


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