Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alots been on lately...

Hellos! Pardon my absence for this period of time...alot has been going on on my own life lately..it's really too private to share..lets just say its been leaving me a lil shattered. So my apologies! I will write real soon, I'm trying!:)) don't leave meeee...:p

People who know me well will know that family comes as a number one priority then close friends close enough to be family kind of friends...so if anyone I love is hurt or in pain I feel it double..mum always laugh and say when u see people cry, you cry even harder... Err. Not comforting fail I hope...it's just that I can feel you yo..I'd rather I feel the pain and someone worry over me than be it e other way round. Yesh, I'm selfish like tt. I like being cared for.:p And recently I've realised that through e spate of recent events you can see who really bothers... And you feel especially touched when you see that:) thank you to all who have been pouring your love in:) you've given me strength to smile after crying. and thank god, I was born with tear ducts. :D people say stay strong, for me? I just let it all out and then after tt I can put on a smile again,maybe not e best one, but at least a nice brave one to face e next day and continue waking.

There will be those who genuinely care and have and make e time to bother about your welfare and there are also those who will just make a passing remark and forget abt it all..I'm just glad as I said in twitter, in trying times it's good to be among the people you love and the people who love you:)) mum has been touched by all e sincere love and wishes pouring in for her...you see, people whom you seldom keep in contact with specially calling to send their regards, though it doesn't bring really anything much ( material wise) but honestly nothing can beat that warm fuzzy feeling inside:))

Thank you, you guys whom have shared your kind love, care and Concern.. Really appreciate it:)) .... Ok enough of my deep heart to heart talk. Where did all those words suddenly come from? Hahah...verbal vomit.

Pardon me! :p wanted to add some photos but I I'm using my Hp to blog this post..so I'm not too sure how it works yet omg noob!!:p End of long verbal vomit today..best thing is I wrote without thinking so much, hope I didn't write nonsense. Shall look through it to edit when I free... Till then be a nice human! :)

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