Sunday, December 11, 2011

Muppets day out!

Few weeks back I went on a Muppets day out with Sis! :)) So happy that despite being busy I am so lucky to be able to find time to meet my buggers and also meet Sis! :D yayness!
And many thanks to Disney & NN for giving us the free preview tix!:))
Thanks to amanda who was there with Mel to give out the tix, 辛苦 了!arigatou neh!
 The Muppets show! :))
Its a really really old show, honestly i have no recollection of the show other than i really liked Kermit cause he is so cute! haha...I bought a Kermit shirt one year ago from the Walmart in the States!:D Many people like Ms Piggy, but i like Kermit, just like the protagonist in the show!:)

We saw the show one week earlier! muahahaha! #win

If you haven't catched the show yet, I think you really should. It's a feel good movie, and not to mention all the lovable infectious songs...I'll share one which I really liked!
This one is rainbow connection.
Really soothing feel to it...:)
mr jim henson the creator of the muppets and kermit:)
After the movie we went for fooodd!:))
Ting introduced me to Japanese pasta shop in Somerset 313, the pasta was alottt. 
but really really good!

 Mine and Sis's Nomnoms!!
So good i nearly wiped out the whole plate even though i wasn't so hungry!
yummy or what?!
A last photo before the food came!:)
Thanks sis for accompanying me the whole day for movie and meal!
It was a great weekend!

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