Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beijing Trip. 1st entry.

As promised....i'll be posting up pictures from the trip of beijing....today i shall only post a few from the first morning...=)) i just did a rough edit for them...so sorry, its not like super edits...but i think they still look quite good. o so not humble. alright. ;) for alot of the photos, I didn't have the time and luxury to slowly take and choose angle...it was a shoot and run case....and many other times...too many people knocking into me or too many people's head in the shot...i give up....lol....

I'm quite weird...i like to take obscure angles, non touristy stuff are some of them....lol...o well...here the photos go..=)

The first few photos i took upon arrival. I nearly missed the bus because i was capturing this shots....lucky i hopped on fast enough.
In case you were wondering why i had to take a bus..
The system there is very different. Their plane (the plane i took, i can't rmb if it was called China Airways of Air China, I heard their very different ?) wasn't able to dock direct into the airport, so we had to (like taking airasia. 0.-) get down from the plane in the collddd...to board the bus to take us to the airport terminals.
But o well. it was quite a different experience and heart thumping one of missing the bus. -_-;;

Next we'll see inside the new terminal 3 airport. :)

Olympic posters everywhere. :)The place in a whole is big and nice.
But, i think you can easily get lost in this place.
no joke.
Just outside the airport at 6plus am...if i didn't remember wrongly....
its so bright ya?

The start of the swaa koo on her tour.

so many 'ah bing ge'
One of the places used during the olympics.
Pardon why i only took part of it in both pictures...:P
the sun was too blazing. i had no idea what i was shooting.

Because, olympics was just over and their national day was round the corner, the whole city was decorated with pretty flowers. :)
but due to preperation in progress the crates were laying around. -_-''' irritating.
nice. sorry, the pictures doesn't do it as much justice.
This is where chairman mao lies. (the building behind actually, not the statues)
Yes! Its the place you always see on the news!
Tian an men.
come. a closer view.
and like any self respecting tourist.
must pose and take picture with it with sunglasses no less...

In we go....
Your now entering the forbidden city.

see. told u i like taking funny angles.
lucky im no pervert.

there were so many people.
who keep knocking into me.
and had a accident with my poor baby camera.
argh. angry.
shant talk about it.

what people? where goooot.

got. neh heree. so many.

didn't believe right?
see. i show you. soooo many people....
go on their national holiday. be prepared to be squeezed like a sardine. knocked around like a pin ball. and shoot pictures with heads.
and my pals who know me all too well know that
i would never enjoy that. at all. period.
i would sulk and grumble.
wahahaha....:P o well...
but luckily it wasn't at its most crowded when i was there.....

Palace grounds. There were so many. Like really sooo many. I have to emphasize, there were soo many palaces. I took so many i got tired of it....i shall just put up these few today....if not it might just bore you peeps...? :P by the way, i crazily shot near 900 shots throughout....:P yea, im crazy. and liking it. haa!=P

some nice vat in the palace.
i can't remember what it was for....storing water i presume?

the nuptial bed. oooo...:p
inside the palace.
i heard in the past people were allowed in, i guess, now their trying to do damage control, thus, see no touch.

poser. bwahaha. :p

yay. that's all for this post. and this is just the first morning. lol...:p
i wonder when i'll be hardworking again to post the rest up..?
busy busy.

take care peeps. hope you enjoyed the pics.
Have a great day.
loves. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

byebye taro girl. meme misses you.

2 happy things . 1 terribly upsetting event. funny. why does the former not be able to outweigh the latter?

Why do i still feel sad. many things to think about, i can escape. but this morning, my baby taro girl moved on. as much as i can cry and feel sad, i think its a good thing, as she has been suffering as a sick old ladyhamsters. Their life span is just about that short.

I never thought i would cry or feel sad, alas, i'm not as strong as i think.
I hate to build up a relationship with anything, anybody just to have it taken away. that's why at times being anti social is nice. but not so nice.

oddly suddenly ahshin's lyrics "你的笑只是你穿的保護色" appear in my head. i must be feeling emo.

When i was out with the girls i was happy. :) then new low when i saw the last song's mv...about ella and her pug 'chiang chiang'.....ahh....reminded me of my taro girl. :( is this what yin and yang is about? opposites must always appear? -_-'

She flew up to a better place and yes. i believe she will reborn to be a better person. :) rest in peace taro girl. meme loves you. byebye. waves.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hot out from the oven!:D



人 群中 哭著 你只想變成透明的顏色

你再也不會夢 或痛 或心動了

你已經決定了 你已經決定了

你 靜靜 忍著 緊緊把昨天在拳心握著

而回憶越是甜 就是 越傷人了

越是在 手心留下 密密麻麻 深深淺淺 的刀割

你不是真正的快樂 你的笑只是你穿的保護色

你決定不恨了 也決定不愛了


這 世界 笑了 於是妳合群的一起笑了

當生存是規則 不是 你的選擇

於是妳 含著眼淚 飄飄盪盪 跌跌撞撞 的走著

你不是真正的快樂 你的笑只是你穿的保護色

你決定不恨了 也決定不愛了


你不是真正的快樂 你的傷從不肯完全的癒合

我站在你左側 卻像隔著銀河

難道就真的抱著遺憾一直到老了 然後才後悔著

你值得真正的快樂 你應該脫下你穿的保護色

為什麼失去了 還要被懲罰呢

能不能就讓 悲傷全部 結束在此刻 重新開始活著

from mayday 7th [poetry of the day after]

taken from ashin's blog **here!

MV 花絮 (behind the scenes)

You can read some of the writeup interview articles here and here
Haven't had time to sit down and really watch and review it yet(might do so soon,maybe:P)...so here's just the videos hot out of the oven for everyone's enjoyment.


yay. mayday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i won't be able to catch the lee guitars concert where mayday will be performing.....o noooooooo.....*sobs and run around crazily...*

i guess i'll just have to wait patiently for them to come again...(like wheeeen. i wonder) or wait for album release here~ which should be coming soon...=)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Breakfast Club.

Recently i just finished watching quite an old film using my mp3...on the mrt! imagine that...standing and watching...-_-'' but but.

I really do think the scriptwriter and crew behind this old movie are quite awesome man!:D
How old is this film? It's older than me and as old as my bro...so imagine that! I'm watching something that was made even before i was born!

So after all the hoo-haa....what is the name of the film already? Its called " The Breakfast Club" The whole feel of the show is very indie...whether it really is, im not too sure....? But what i do know is that it became a cult classic. And i can understand why. No. There were no super sleek animation effects then yet, nor some great sound pack action stuff, though some of the songs were familiar to me....i must be old...:P

The acting was just so-so, if i were to really pick on it, but I did like two of the more odd characters in the show.

Allison Reynolds:The basket case of the group, in detention apparently because she had nothing better to do. She is the most socially isolated and claims to have no friends.
John Bender: The criminal of the group, in detention for pulling a false fire alarm. John Bender starts many of the events throughout the film.

Read more about the film and characters on wiki. here**(loads of info on the site) and if your interested you can check out another site for this show here**

Yea, this two characters were weird and at times maybe annoying? But, you grow to like them more throughout the process.

I find it interesting to be able to set the whole film in just one location, the school;the library. About 80% of the show was set in the library, makes you wonder, how do you make a good film that way, same set, same things, wouldn't it be boring?
True, at times when they talked too much and the mrt was buzzing too loudyly, i felt it was getting dry, but towards the end, when everyone was slowly opening up, then did i feel, ahhh..this is such a cleverly written movie....

Or maybe I was the only one which felt so, but i do think, to set a film just in such limited location , it is very clever.

Something made me want to watch the movie till the end, it was those type of rustic charm as i would say?

Lastly, i always liked movies which had quotable quotes, those which would leave an impression on me...this one had one i really like. I think it left quite an impression on most people who watched it? The focal point of the show, i would think of it as a nice knot to tie the loose strings. It ended with this...

"Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, but we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are.

*I love the next bit*

You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal.
Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club. "

If you can, catch the show, you might like it...;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

some email...

i saw this on an email sent by bie...:) those type of forwarded emails with nice messages...i was reading and thinking through...haha...:P i bet you have recieved this before too..? Some of them really do put a smile on your face at times....:)

There are at least two people in this world
that you would die for.

At least 15 people in this world
love you in some way.
i'll be glad if there is even 5 or maybe 1? :P

Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
somehow. i highly doubt so. ahaa.

When you make the biggest mistake ever,
something good comes from it.
really?yea right. since when.
oo...i'm such a sceptic...bad bad

And this is for my buddies.
see? got picture to illustrate too...:p i lubch you all thiiiiiis much. heh. :D

When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look.
"because you'll see me. i'll be straight facing you with open arms and a stupid smile of mine!"

I would rather have one rose and a kind word
from a friend while I'm here
than a whole truckload when I'm gone.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow. that's one cool idea!

What is this? I think its quite a novel new? invention...i saw it while surfing around. Check out the site **here***

"It’s about the size of a credit card and powered by a small cell. Flip up the lightbulb shaped cut-out to switch on the soft, mellow, glow of bliss."
ahhaa! i've got a bright idea! *kling!* animatedly put it on top of your head...:P
Quite cool eh? ;) now you can an emergency light no matter where you go right in your pocket. ;D