Monday, October 31, 2011

Selina's Big Day! Selina 结婚咯!:D

i'm so happy for Selina, after the whole horrible ordeal she's gone through, today she will be entering another big stage in her life. Yeaps! Her long awaited wedding with Ah Diong! It's great to see her all well with smiles now, i know there are those people who will say her scars will never go away blah blah blah. BUT! i think, who cares! as long as the fans like us still stick around with her, her buddies and sisters aka Hebe and Ella and her family and of course now her hubby is around with her, her smiles will never stop!
here she is in her most beautiful moment with the two most important men in her life. hubby and daddy!
And though she will never see this post, I would still like to pass my heartiest
CONGRATULATIONS! to the bride and groom! Selina and Ah Diong!:)  
*throws confetti!*

Family potrait!

now and forever.:)
How lovely to have friends/buddies/sisters/wifes be part of your big day. 
touching max. 
 i like the bridesmaids dresses!
but i think you have to have a certain kind of figure to wear it?
It's actually pretty simple except for the fluffy bottom part which adds a very nice touch to the dress. 
i like! very cute!

Even President Ma came to send his congratulations and blessings for the couple!
We can see, how Selina is so beloved by all her friends and even important people!
After all she'd brave through, everyone is so happy to just see her happy. 

and in case you haven't catched Selina's new song dedicated to all fans and everyone who shared their love with her (where have you been?!! its been played on radio at least 2-3 times a day! not to mention fb! haha) it's ok, i'm here to share it with you!:))

Here you go!:)

Selina & Ah Diong!
祝你们永远幸福, 快乐!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

五月天2012全新巡迴演唱會 [ 諾亞方舟 ]Nowhere world tour 2012!

Mayday is having their all new world tour starting soon!:D Woohooo! 

Mayday's Nowhere 2012 World Tour will be kicking off on 2011.12.23 - 2012.1.1 @ 台北小巨蛋. I can't wait for it to reach us here! *can't wait can't wait!!* and the new album's coming pretty sooooon!
Can't wait can't wait! *excited fan girl mode* It's going to be awesome!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pardon my absence

Hello hello! I'm still around, just really busy! So do pardon my absence a lil, i'll be back real soon!:DD
i wanna blog about my grad! too many photos! no time here's just a lil teaser and me saying Hello everybody! I miss you all! Don't leaveee me. :P Hope your all doing good!sending some love! <3
Yay! that's me in grad gown in HEELS proper heels with the grad bear. 
Inside the mascot is a friend's friend so i went to take with him and said hello. but i think it was pretty hard for him to see me through the mashes...

it was a really happy happy day for me filled with lotsa loveee!

be back to blog soon!
till then be a nice human people!

Monday, October 10, 2011

graduation around the corner!:D

guessy guessy who's graduating this Saturday on the 15th? Yesh, me!:) Finally got the invites through the mail. *grumbles, parents have to pay to attend. grumbles* anyway, here are the invites!:)
my photo does the quality no justice, because i do have to admit it was printed quite nicely:D

 yesh, that's my beloved Oklahoma City University <3
 15 Oct 2011.
(but we have to go early for some rehearsal thingy. WHY?!! and lunch must 吃自己.) haha. if you got tt joke:p
Grand Ballroom. Ritz Carlton Millenia
7 Raffles Avenue 
S 039799

Why so far? Anyone wanna come share some love? hehe...but i know, everyone's really busy these days, so thats ok...:)
 i ish missing oklahoma.
where is one eye, too tired. cannot open eyes bigger. lol
i just like the card, i hate going through the motions, like go shake hand, walk stiffly, shake stiffly, smile stiffly.
Why lala WHY?
un-stiff youself. 

ps. this came through the mail too, i was tempted to have, look what came through the mail 3! hhahaa..*no inspiration tittle*

i am not a workaholic.

Dear Client,

Please do not assume it is ok to call me after office hours on my handphone. Please do reach me, on the office phone during office hours.

I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were placed in that situation too.

Thank you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look what came through the mail 2!:D

 O yay! Another package through the mail! 
Happy Happy!:)))
 it's all the way from Hong Kong! 
nope, i do not have any friends in hongkong, so its not a package of love....

It's a package full of Good
Mayday Goodness!!
 168 concert! I have been looking for these locally for the longest time but couldn't find it even though
there was a reprint, i think maybe the local stores didn't bring them in....
but nevermind. 
I got it nao!!!
i've been so busy, haven't gotten down to watching it yet. 
this was their first concert if you are wondering why it's so valuable. 
but, hey, all mayday performances and sounds are valuable what. hehe.
 and then this!
I actually just went to get this, but found the other but chance and not to mention luck!:)
this is the original OST for Mayday 3DNA movie. 
the only thing is i found out the stores locally carried them after i bought it online...-____-' issh. 
but its ok, i found a rare find!
 Gotten it from Yesasia, the first time i bought from them was for Ling's present, everything was all in order then, this time i was a little dissapointed with the product. 
Not mayday's cd! It was because the cd casing had a huge crack in it. :(((
 SEEE! :((((
actually i took this photos because i wanted to feedback to yesasia, but i got so busy and i procrastinated a i didn't get to doing it...

i think i should leh. Though i must admit they did try to prevent it, they wrapped the cd cases in 3 bubble wraps, but i guess, maybe that protection doesn't work well enough. 


though there was boooboos. 
i'm still happy my mayday cd's have arrived in working good order! (apart from the case that is)


am listening to it now
mayday live!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Look what came through the mail....!

 I came home one day and chanced upon a lovely package waiting for me on my table....
all for meeeeee!

i love mail (as long as their not bills or newsletters) especially love packages from friends and family because they just scream LOVEEEE! Sending you lotsa LOVEEEE!

usually when i send out packages i would leave my name and at least address behind least my mail gets lost at least i can get it sent back to me. 
*turned behind*
eh? no return address?
in my head i already had a guess to who it was because of the handwriting...but no confirmation yet.

 this letter sealed the deal. Confirm and chop i knew who this 'mysterious person' was already...or who 'my idol' was..buahahaha....I thought she forgot to put her name, i only realised she didn't forgot, it was to act mysterious....woooo~too bad i know you too know me well, i know you well too! hehe...:P Not many people call me rahrah;)) i love this cute nick. and because you came the other day and played with cola so all the more i know! hee....
 well, and also because i know mayday wouldn't write me a letter and of course not a english letter!, which idol? my favourite band senior idol, ok lah, in that sense, it makes sense too! hehe;P I love this cute little envelope letter pad...really cute hor?:DD
so sweet of jy to send me a package of love and goodies. 
Xiexie ni!!:))))



and because today is my beloved senior cum secret 'idol's' birthday
I'm here to specially dedicate this post to her...
 Jie Yingggggg!! <3 <3
Happy Happy 24th Birthday to Youuuu!:))
*throws confetti!*
thank you for being part of my life. 
and yesh, i selfishly want you to be part of my life as my life buddy to be around for a long long time:)

So sorry, because of the crazy transition in life changes now i can't pop by your house on this date, so my little very insignificant surprise is to write a post for you here..for now. 

and because i know you like something out of the blue...we will not give you one. 

of course not of course not. 
We have planned a beautiful night out together to go the walk and take more photos with pillarahhh. hehe.

just i feel so bad, its kinda late because of the girls and all of our crazy scheduled times not matching..:(
gomen neh. hontone, gomen neh. 
demo nah, 
Otanjobe Omedeto!!:))
bokumo daisuki jy desu!:)
ichiban tomodachi!