Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pardon my absence

Hello hello! I'm still around, just really busy! So do pardon my absence a lil, i'll be back real soon!:DD
i wanna blog about my grad! too many photos! no time here's just a lil teaser and me saying Hello everybody! I miss you all! Don't leaveee me. :P Hope your all doing good!sending some love! <3
Yay! that's me in grad gown in HEELS proper heels with the grad bear. 
Inside the mascot is a friend's friend so i went to take with him and said hello. but i think it was pretty hard for him to see me through the mashes...

it was a really happy happy day for me filled with lotsa loveee!

be back to blog soon!
till then be a nice human people!

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