Monday, October 31, 2011

Selina's Big Day! Selina 结婚咯!:D

i'm so happy for Selina, after the whole horrible ordeal she's gone through, today she will be entering another big stage in her life. Yeaps! Her long awaited wedding with Ah Diong! It's great to see her all well with smiles now, i know there are those people who will say her scars will never go away blah blah blah. BUT! i think, who cares! as long as the fans like us still stick around with her, her buddies and sisters aka Hebe and Ella and her family and of course now her hubby is around with her, her smiles will never stop!
here she is in her most beautiful moment with the two most important men in her life. hubby and daddy!
And though she will never see this post, I would still like to pass my heartiest
CONGRATULATIONS! to the bride and groom! Selina and Ah Diong!:)  
*throws confetti!*

Family potrait!

now and forever.:)
How lovely to have friends/buddies/sisters/wifes be part of your big day. 
touching max. 
 i like the bridesmaids dresses!
but i think you have to have a certain kind of figure to wear it?
It's actually pretty simple except for the fluffy bottom part which adds a very nice touch to the dress. 
i like! very cute!

Even President Ma came to send his congratulations and blessings for the couple!
We can see, how Selina is so beloved by all her friends and even important people!
After all she'd brave through, everyone is so happy to just see her happy. 

and in case you haven't catched Selina's new song dedicated to all fans and everyone who shared their love with her (where have you been?!! its been played on radio at least 2-3 times a day! not to mention fb! haha) it's ok, i'm here to share it with you!:))

Here you go!:)

Selina & Ah Diong!
祝你们永远幸福, 快乐!

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