Monday, October 3, 2011

Look what came through the mail....!

 I came home one day and chanced upon a lovely package waiting for me on my table....
all for meeeeee!

i love mail (as long as their not bills or newsletters) especially love packages from friends and family because they just scream LOVEEEE! Sending you lotsa LOVEEEE!

usually when i send out packages i would leave my name and at least address behind least my mail gets lost at least i can get it sent back to me. 
*turned behind*
eh? no return address?
in my head i already had a guess to who it was because of the handwriting...but no confirmation yet.

 this letter sealed the deal. Confirm and chop i knew who this 'mysterious person' was already...or who 'my idol' was..buahahaha....I thought she forgot to put her name, i only realised she didn't forgot, it was to act mysterious....woooo~too bad i know you too know me well, i know you well too! hehe...:P Not many people call me rahrah;)) i love this cute nick. and because you came the other day and played with cola so all the more i know! hee....
 well, and also because i know mayday wouldn't write me a letter and of course not a english letter!, which idol? my favourite band senior idol, ok lah, in that sense, it makes sense too! hehe;P I love this cute little envelope letter pad...really cute hor?:DD
so sweet of jy to send me a package of love and goodies. 
Xiexie ni!!:))))



and because today is my beloved senior cum secret 'idol's' birthday
I'm here to specially dedicate this post to her...
 Jie Yingggggg!! <3 <3
Happy Happy 24th Birthday to Youuuu!:))
*throws confetti!*
thank you for being part of my life. 
and yesh, i selfishly want you to be part of my life as my life buddy to be around for a long long time:)

So sorry, because of the crazy transition in life changes now i can't pop by your house on this date, so my little very insignificant surprise is to write a post for you here..for now. 

and because i know you like something out of the blue...we will not give you one. 

of course not of course not. 
We have planned a beautiful night out together to go the walk and take more photos with pillarahhh. hehe.

just i feel so bad, its kinda late because of the girls and all of our crazy scheduled times not matching..:(
gomen neh. hontone, gomen neh. 
demo nah, 
Otanjobe Omedeto!!:))
bokumo daisuki jy desu!:)
ichiban tomodachi!


  1. Hahahahhaha!
    I read read! At 3.30am!
    Yay! U took a v nice photo of an ugly package.
    gt no nice envelope to put sia.
    Argh! Rah rah was really give away~

    Thank you! I dun mind nt having surprise.
    We meet up jiu can liao!
    YCya n de girls soon!

  2. sleep so late and wake up so early? Yea..since its your birthday can make full use of the whole day! :DD

  3. hahaha! yea lor. busy checking my hp for ppl's wishes! dunwan to miss them :)

  4. popular many people send their love to you:))