Monday, October 10, 2011

graduation around the corner!:D

guessy guessy who's graduating this Saturday on the 15th? Yesh, me!:) Finally got the invites through the mail. *grumbles, parents have to pay to attend. grumbles* anyway, here are the invites!:)
my photo does the quality no justice, because i do have to admit it was printed quite nicely:D

 yesh, that's my beloved Oklahoma City University <3
 15 Oct 2011.
(but we have to go early for some rehearsal thingy. WHY?!! and lunch must 吃自己.) haha. if you got tt joke:p
Grand Ballroom. Ritz Carlton Millenia
7 Raffles Avenue 
S 039799

Why so far? Anyone wanna come share some love? hehe...but i know, everyone's really busy these days, so thats ok...:)
 i ish missing oklahoma.
where is one eye, too tired. cannot open eyes bigger. lol
i just like the card, i hate going through the motions, like go shake hand, walk stiffly, shake stiffly, smile stiffly.
Why lala WHY?
un-stiff youself. 

ps. this came through the mail too, i was tempted to have, look what came through the mail 3! hhahaa..*no inspiration tittle*