Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look what came through the mail 2!:D

 O yay! Another package through the mail! 
Happy Happy!:)))
 it's all the way from Hong Kong! 
nope, i do not have any friends in hongkong, so its not a package of love....

It's a package full of Good
Mayday Goodness!!
 168 concert! I have been looking for these locally for the longest time but couldn't find it even though
there was a reprint, i think maybe the local stores didn't bring them in....
but nevermind. 
I got it nao!!!
i've been so busy, haven't gotten down to watching it yet. 
this was their first concert if you are wondering why it's so valuable. 
but, hey, all mayday performances and sounds are valuable what. hehe.
 and then this!
I actually just went to get this, but found the other but chance and not to mention luck!:)
this is the original OST for Mayday 3DNA movie. 
the only thing is i found out the stores locally carried them after i bought it online...-____-' issh. 
but its ok, i found a rare find!
 Gotten it from Yesasia, the first time i bought from them was for Ling's present, everything was all in order then, this time i was a little dissapointed with the product. 
Not mayday's cd! It was because the cd casing had a huge crack in it. :(((
 SEEE! :((((
actually i took this photos because i wanted to feedback to yesasia, but i got so busy and i procrastinated a i didn't get to doing it...

i think i should leh. Though i must admit they did try to prevent it, they wrapped the cd cases in 3 bubble wraps, but i guess, maybe that protection doesn't work well enough. 


though there was boooboos. 
i'm still happy my mayday cd's have arrived in working good order! (apart from the case that is)


am listening to it now
mayday live!


  1. Lollll i tot its from ah shin! Lollololo, aka ur lover. Butttt! Its from HK, nt taiwan :x u shld feedback nonetheless, even if u dun expect them to like send 1 more over. Its to let them know their bubble wrapping is nt enuf to protects its contents. They might get alot if complains too in future, if nt frm you..

    I saw ur graduation post! Congratssss! Long awaited neh! :)

  2. haha..ya...thanks!:D

    yaa..i know. i wanna feedback but everytime i get like lazy and procrastinate....:P yesh, i must and i should. haha...

    ya lor hor. i shall pretend...Wahh! mayday's in hk for tour and they sent me a parcel! must be from lucky! *dreaming much* hahahahahaha