Monday, January 31, 2011

rain rain

go away?
I can't decide. its pretty cooling.but its causing chaos everywhere, in malaysia and in singapore, there are floods in certain places.

so though i love the cooling moments, please don't flood the poor people. the lunar new year is coming, everyone needs more joy in their life, please don't ruin it for them.
ps. the rain and cool reminds me of vegas; and it ain't just me, the rest of the tavel family is feeling it too....:( damn. feels happy and yet sad. hmmx. is this called nostalgic? of a sense of missing. boo.

we had to carry umbrella everywhere.

Happy Rabbit Year!

because i'll be leaving a lil earlier and have no internet access i shall post this earlier. :)

Happy Chinese New Year to all!
May this new year bring us new and good! luck, properity, health, wealth and good relationships:)
Let this rabbit year hippity hoppity bring us lotsa luck and many many more wonderful memories:)

Let me see...what are your favourite rabbit/bunny cartoons?
let me recall some of mine...
duh. bugs bunny!
whats up doc!
buster bunny!:) and opps. what the other bunny's name?
from Tiny Toons!:)

Thumper and his girl.
One of my all time favourite least better known cartoon rabbit:)
thumper appeared in the movie Bambi.
if you don't remember, tsk tsk. where was your child hood. WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH BAMBI?! go gogogogo now!(nah. it was not as big as disney princesses movie. i know. I'm just in caps because i like thumper. haa) i liked it alot.
though *ashamed* i don't exactly remember the full details of the movie, but i do remember the storyline roughly...:)

Peter Rabbit!
Anyone read the books when they were young?
i used to borrow them from the library. :)

and two other rabbits i saw were..
roger rabbit! and the very famous energiser bunny!
heh heh.

huat ah!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Agents of Secret Stuff.

I have a new WongFu production collaboration with nigahiga to share with all!:D it's pretty awesome, made me laugh all the way...its 30mins short film, but i really recomment it to those who need a good laugh. ;)

If your wondering....should i catch it? Check out the trailer. its awesome. Here goess.

Did i get you hooked yet? ;)))) i wasn't wrong right?
Go ahead! Catch the whole movie! :) Here it comes:

Really hope you enjoyed it and had a good laugh!
till next time,
be a nice human


and mom said..

don't bathe too late.

-i can't help it.

try not to bathe so late. ....

i would have felt better if she said.
because bathing late is bad for your health, wet hair, blah blah.

but it came out as.

bath so late very loud water sound very loud at this hour of the night will disturb neighbours.

0.o? wtf? was my reaction in my head. my neighbours don't sleep below my bathing room....-.-

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selina goes home!:)) jia you!

Today marks the day that Selina can finally go home. She can go home for the chinese new year!:) yayness for her! everyone is happy to see her recovery, its a slow and painful process but you can get there! we are all cheering for you! All the way! :)))

She came out for the first time for a press conference to thank all who have been cheering and praying for her and also i guess in hope that the press would not hound her tirelessly and let her recuperate in peace. pls give her some space.

Here is a clip from the press con. Its so nice to see her back with the support of everyone, hebe and ella, i'm sure it took her lotsa energy and courage to stand up there.

You go girl! So awesome. Jia you jia you jia you! Speedy Recovery Selina gambatte!:)
I do hope the other guy, Yu Hao Ming, though we don't hear of his news here is getting better steadily too. Jia you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

flat head.

after enduring coming out with a flat butt and suffering 5 hours of boredom later.
i am now a flat head. hahaha. those people who rebond often will get it.
well, at least now its a little neater.

i need to finish my assignment. o god. please let me finish it soon in the most efficient and knowledgeable way possible.

gambatte masu.

ok. i shall scoot off to get it done like now. nao. naaaao.
i shall write a better post when i'm more free, just endure with me now yea:) loves.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things to do.

i really need to get my hair done, as in rebond it.
its looking like a fluff again, but not in the good way. aww. too bad. haaa...

and i wanna get my ear pierced, its been waaay too long since i wanted to get it done, like 1 years ago...? motivation. now i have the motivation. i did two after poly. i'm getting the next one as a momento. whats it for? vain and go figure. haa:P

6hours to wait to get my hair rebonded. how like that. feeling so lazy to waaiiit.:(((

need to start on assignments and studying soon. and this two subjects ain't exactly a piece of cake. gambatte.

hope everyone else is good.
i know this isn't exactly a good blog post, but yea, its just random rants

missing you all. getting busy soon. but wanting to meet with all my loves. :)
you all know who i'm talking about you you and yous.

take care and be a nice human!

Monday, January 10, 2011

its not everyday you get dedications...

presenting a good friend of mine. in fact my twinnie :)

She dedicated this song to 13 of us ( me included of course. hee:)), Virginia mummy (back in OCU, yesh, i really love this women too. who doesn't?;)) and her family. :)
Grenade by Bruno Mars, why this song? because on our road trip we heard this song a gazillion times and i'm not even exagerating. It seemed like the dj just decided he liked the song so much he was going to put it in like twice every hour or something in that sense. but thankfully, its a really good song and i'm liking Bruno Mars due to his previous hit. :)

it's not everyday you get dedications to yourself, so this is a real treat for me. thanks marmar:) awesomeness.

and to everyone else, she is MaressaZ on youtube. Sings well yo. Go subcribe to her page if you like her. :)) and yes, if you find her awfully familiar but can't tell why, it's cause she was on Singapore Idol before too. :))

yea. my mom refers to her as the singer. how cool is that. i wanna be refered to as something as cool as that too. i bet mine is like the blur one. hahahahahaha. lols. o well. :p

thank you for all the love. it was really awesome traveling with all of you all too. i wouldn't have done it any other way. arigatou neh.:)

sending loadsa more love back your way.

Friday, January 7, 2011

and i'm back.....!

mina sama..tadaima!!:)))
i'm back! as in the states they would always go..
Hi! How are you doing today? not that they really want to know i'm sure...hahaha...
but still i'll answer i'm good even when it might really be otherwise or really good...hahaha..:P

我回来了! :))
Hows everybody? ( and yes i'm asking because i want to know sincerely) hahaha...:)
hope everyone's all good:)
see yall soon.

my room is in a mess cause i'm unpacking and i'm having jet lag. still sleepy again!
love this pic. cause the colours are awesome.
credits go to ahmad.

no photo of me at the moment looking too cui. :P lols

sending lotsa love to all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

thanks for the memories.

whole class photo:)

in Vegas baby!
yes. i took the shot. so i'm not there. go figure.

leaving oklahoma was sad.

in two days time i'll be leaving you guys. flying back. it'll be sad too. bittersweet i guess, cause it'll be nice to be home with all my loved ones too.

not literally, as in i know we'll still see each other back in Sing and all.

but staying together in our apartments in OKC and throughout all our destinations just next to each other, bunking out at each others places. just laying on each others bed talking crap and sometimes more meaningful stuff. i'll miss all those, saying good night, waking each other up for shower time and hearing snores. yes. snores aren't that bad. if you can stand another friend's snore you are closer to being family.

they say friends are the family you choose yourself. i have my buggers and covalents and gals and now i have more family apart from my blood family.

its been awesome knowing some of them more. probably in many people's life i'm just but a small pebble in the long road. but to me, any pebble that crosses my path and i realise is like a gemstone i keep for life. :)

i found a few gemstones, even if i might be a pebble to them. hopefully not. but anyways. its been an awesome 2 and a half months.

i will really miss just being around this freely in the states with you guys. friction of cause at times through it all, but if after all you can understand people better and learn more :) making new friends is always fun.

thanks for the wonderful memories. lets make more to come. :)

last day of class.
tv production day.
awesome talented people passby you everyday.
you just got to figure.
i'm not too bad too cause if you get to meet so many awesome people, you can't be that far off can you? ;)
:p not shy.
i'm not a smart kid, but i guess the saying is true, heaven favours the slower ones.
they give me nice family and people to meet.
sending all my love to all you know who you are. you you and youuuuu.

come on out 2011!

Have the happiest year ahead with the craziest dreams and most beautiful memories to come:) ♥ 2011.
Here we go!