Tuesday, January 4, 2011

thanks for the memories.

whole class photo:)

in Vegas baby!
yes. i took the shot. so i'm not there. go figure.

leaving oklahoma was sad.

in two days time i'll be leaving you guys. flying back. it'll be sad too. bittersweet i guess, cause it'll be nice to be home with all my loved ones too.

not literally, as in i know we'll still see each other back in Sing and all.

but staying together in our apartments in OKC and throughout all our destinations just next to each other, bunking out at each others places. just laying on each others bed talking crap and sometimes more meaningful stuff. i'll miss all those, saying good night, waking each other up for shower time and hearing snores. yes. snores aren't that bad. if you can stand another friend's snore you are closer to being family.

they say friends are the family you choose yourself. i have my buggers and covalents and gals and now i have more family apart from my blood family.

its been awesome knowing some of them more. probably in many people's life i'm just but a small pebble in the long road. but to me, any pebble that crosses my path and i realise is like a gemstone i keep for life. :)

i found a few gemstones, even if i might be a pebble to them. hopefully not. but anyways. its been an awesome 2 and a half months.

i will really miss just being around this freely in the states with you guys. friction of cause at times through it all, but if after all you can understand people better and learn more :) making new friends is always fun.

thanks for the wonderful memories. lets make more to come. :)

last day of class.
tv production day.
awesome talented people passby you everyday.
you just got to figure.
i'm not too bad too cause if you get to meet so many awesome people, you can't be that far off can you? ;)
:p not shy.
i'm not a smart kid, but i guess the saying is true, heaven favours the slower ones.
they give me nice family and people to meet.
sending all my love to all you know who you are. you you and youuuuu.

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