Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things to do.

i really need to get my hair done, as in rebond it.
its looking like a fluff again, but not in the good way. aww. too bad. haaa...

and i wanna get my ear pierced, its been waaay too long since i wanted to get it done, like 1 years ago...? motivation. now i have the motivation. i did two after poly. i'm getting the next one as a momento. whats it for? vain and go figure. haa:P

6hours to wait to get my hair rebonded. how like that. feeling so lazy to waaiiit.:(((

need to start on assignments and studying soon. and this two subjects ain't exactly a piece of cake. gambatte.

hope everyone else is good.
i know this isn't exactly a good blog post, but yea, its just random rants

missing you all. getting busy soon. but wanting to meet with all my loves. :)
you all know who i'm talking about you you and yous.

take care and be a nice human!

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