Monday, January 10, 2011

its not everyday you get dedications...

presenting a good friend of mine. in fact my twinnie :)

She dedicated this song to 13 of us ( me included of course. hee:)), Virginia mummy (back in OCU, yesh, i really love this women too. who doesn't?;)) and her family. :)
Grenade by Bruno Mars, why this song? because on our road trip we heard this song a gazillion times and i'm not even exagerating. It seemed like the dj just decided he liked the song so much he was going to put it in like twice every hour or something in that sense. but thankfully, its a really good song and i'm liking Bruno Mars due to his previous hit. :)

it's not everyday you get dedications to yourself, so this is a real treat for me. thanks marmar:) awesomeness.

and to everyone else, she is MaressaZ on youtube. Sings well yo. Go subcribe to her page if you like her. :)) and yes, if you find her awfully familiar but can't tell why, it's cause she was on Singapore Idol before too. :))

yea. my mom refers to her as the singer. how cool is that. i wanna be refered to as something as cool as that too. i bet mine is like the blur one. hahahahahaha. lols. o well. :p

thank you for all the love. it was really awesome traveling with all of you all too. i wouldn't have done it any other way. arigatou neh.:)

sending loadsa more love back your way.

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