Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selina goes home!:)) jia you!

Today marks the day that Selina can finally go home. She can go home for the chinese new year!:) yayness for her! everyone is happy to see her recovery, its a slow and painful process but you can get there! we are all cheering for you! All the way! :)))

She came out for the first time for a press conference to thank all who have been cheering and praying for her and also i guess in hope that the press would not hound her tirelessly and let her recuperate in peace. pls give her some space.

Here is a clip from the press con. Its so nice to see her back with the support of everyone, hebe and ella, i'm sure it took her lotsa energy and courage to stand up there.

You go girl! So awesome. Jia you jia you jia you! Speedy Recovery Selina gambatte!:)
I do hope the other guy, Yu Hao Ming, though we don't hear of his news here is getting better steadily too. Jia you!

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