Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

because i'll be leaving a lil earlier and have no internet access i shall post this earlier. :)

Happy Chinese New Year to all!
May this new year bring us new and good! luck, properity, health, wealth and good relationships:)
Let this rabbit year hippity hoppity bring us lotsa luck and many many more wonderful memories:)

Let me see...what are your favourite rabbit/bunny cartoons?
let me recall some of mine...
duh. bugs bunny!
whats up doc!
buster bunny!:) and opps. what the other bunny's name?
from Tiny Toons!:)

Thumper and his girl.
One of my all time favourite least better known cartoon rabbit:)
thumper appeared in the movie Bambi.
if you don't remember, tsk tsk. where was your child hood. WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH BAMBI?! go gogogogo now!(nah. it was not as big as disney princesses movie. i know. I'm just in caps because i like thumper. haa) i liked it alot.
though *ashamed* i don't exactly remember the full details of the movie, but i do remember the storyline roughly...:)

Peter Rabbit!
Anyone read the books when they were young?
i used to borrow them from the library. :)

and two other rabbits i saw were..
roger rabbit! and the very famous energiser bunny!
heh heh.

huat ah!

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