Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello! I ish having new handphones. muahaha.

Pardon my absence for some time, been sick and really really busy. 
and even when i have a bit of time, i really just wanted to have some off time to myself...
very precious you know...
you all who have been sticking around will understand me right??
Don't leaveee mee...stay tune. i will still update, just lesser. 
sho anyway!
yes, i'm very brand loyal, if i feel the brand serves me well. 
I got an audio technica headphone again!:)

The last one i got (how long ago did i get it? 3-4 years plus?) was from the same series, it was the 1st of the series, the one i bought today is the latest update of it version 11. woohoo!
It was a recommendation by the salesperson. 

Kinda sad, that headphone shop is going to move out of cwp!:( boo. anyway they are having sales now, so anyone who is looking for discounts on headphones, mics and stuff can go popby to have a look!:)
 You must be wondering why i bought such a funky colour?
because i'm cool like that. 

i initially thought the white and pink one was nice (they had no blue, in case your wondering. I still <3 blue!:P) 
but for the 1st one i had it was an all white one and it gets dirty a little more i thought black would be a nice change, and the the all black looked abit dull....
and so the salesman did his salespitch and say that the green wires are good at night because if you stand by the road at night, it would be pretty bright and so cars can spot you. so hmm..less chances of accidents? lol.

anyway, i got it also because i thought it was pretty funky and just needed a little push to try something different. 

i might add on some cute lil stickets...if i find anything suitable...or maybe not..
because i've been thinking about it for the longest time, but haven't done anything for my old hmmx. ya. 
laziness prevails. or the stingy poker in me, says don't waste money!

we'll see!

i'll update soon yea?:)

till then, take care everybody!!
be a nice human! 
sends love.