Monday, November 21, 2011

little readings. little words of wisdom.

I was reading through an article a pretty good one if you asked me, about an interview with my senior from Secondary school whom is now a respectable dancer. :) i love her tattoo. ok, back to topic, if you're interested, have a read about it HERE* It's really well written and captures the reader's attention. I was reading through a point Zelia (how cool is this kind of name!) was saying and totally thought I got to share...

"If you need the attention… call for it. But no need to cut. SOMEONE will listen. Someone will understand. It’s not wrong to be depressed… But it’s wrong making it worse!"

Really. That is so true, what she meant by cut was self mutilate, many teens don't know how to react and would just hurt themselve to stop the pain. But if you don't realise every cut you cut upon yourself, bleeds not only on you, but the people who care for you....

I'll leave you with that thought for today. :)

Take good care everyone! It's Monday the beginning of the week, may it be a great week! :) Lets jia you, gambatte to a good week...o! fighto~!


yes. let their inner child in you always run free. 

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