Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wong Fu on Mag!:)

i saw this in WFP's fan tumblr page and omy! excited!:)) How i wish a local mag could cover them too..i would so go out to get a copy!:)
if you like WongFu productions too and don't know what i'm talking about, fret not! I'll post it up here just for your (and mine) viewing pleasure!:D *yay!* your welcome your welcome!  Here you go!

 Click on the pic to make it bigger so you can read the inside story;)
When o when are you guys coming to Singapore?
You have many fans here too you know!
For one thing, i know Ching and I will be the first to queue to get tix to watch you guys and we are wishing very hard you will bring ISA over here!:))
a girl can wish can't she?;)

just finished the last episode of Wongfu weekends on Monday because i finally had a little spare time. *like finally! time for me*

Can't wait for the next season of WF weekenddsss!
always put a smile on my face!:)
this is one of the most recent shots (which is not a wf weekend) watch! It totally made my day!:D
Congratulations on your One million Subscribers, i have been with you guys for the longest time! What an achievement!

In case you are reading all this and going WHO?!
nvm. Come i share with you:)
trust me, you won't regret it;)

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