Friday, February 17, 2012

Analysing blood types.

I love to read all this kind of analysing personality kinda stuff. Some people call it rubbish, some call it faith, some hold on to it like the bible. For me? I just read it for fun and take it with a pinch of salt....Well it may be true to a certain extend, but people are moulded by many other things too right? ;)

So just read for fun! No matter how true it's not the bible or scriptures. ;))

Ps. i realised the pic is abit small to read, click on it to make it bigger for viewing. :)
mine is o!
but i think i don't like to the sort which will take up the job if no one is there to handle it...
because too many chef cooks will also spoil the broth!
heh. :P
credits to JY's old blog..(she moved without telling me!! *gasp!*) 
jy! how could youu...i'm your avid reader. :((( *ok go feel guilty now. LOLs :PP

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  1. hahahaha my blog getting boring. was thinking of a change or smth. ya i'm O too :D