Thursday, February 23, 2012

a lil buggers chinese new year celebration -2012

Let's see....
This post is super back dated!!
Was looking through the fb pics then remembered I haven't blogged anything about our CNY this yr...
coming to think about it, we have been celebrating it together almost without fail for 11years now...
homg. cause we are that old. 
this year we are significantly short of a few people because of various reasons..but in spirit we always have each other in our hearts and celebrate together.

altogether now....
my room! 
so small but still always able to nicely accommodate my bu?ggers.
either my room is cozy or they really aren't fussy people...and knowing them i'm sure its the latter. :)
when you see photos like know why right?
multishot! hehe
mama noticed and say i got the wrong occasion...
Don't have CNY soft toy mah...
i love house visiting with the buggers!:)
we were on the way to ming's house for steamboat. 
lotsa laughter along the way...
and look! ming stole my shirt to make it into his bag...caught red handed!!!!!*insider joke*
i love smiley ads!

can't say wishing you all 新年快乐 now right?i think is can bah...?
but i can still wish all 
and most important if you ask me


Have a smooth dragon year ahead!


In other news...
One day more to
五月天2012 諾亞方舟世界巡迴 - 新加坡站!


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