Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day:)

This post is a little late to wish yall a Happy Valentines day but I have been so busy that I didn't have the time to come here and wish you all a good even though it's a little belated...
I would still love to wish all loverbirds blissfulness always:)

And all those who like me have yet to find tt special someone to spend your life ahead not never know who's falling in love with your smile;)

I'm suddenly reminded of that Disney song..."someday my prince will come...." I don't need any prince lah hor even though my name means 我决得是好就好咯...Lols..
Received a stalk of rose this yr:)) Happy! To many who gets bouquets of flowers and take if for granted it may seem like nothing...but to me..I'm really grateful:)) thanks to my colleague Lydia who's also aiming to open her own florist shop next time for it...:)
she also bought us this heart shape cheese cakey!
Must make her something nice in return soon:)

 In Singapore and I think most western parts of the world we don't have the practice of 'White Valentine's Day'(i left the wiki link on, go read! ;))
I first got to know of it from's a lil different from e Western world where mostly it's the guys giving the girls flowers & chocos...girls do give guys too! But in Japan on Vday the girls would go all out to get the guy she likes chocos, handmade of store bought...and on 14 march one month later if the guy reciprocate it means he too likes her in return...maybe he's trying to be nice and friendly:) imagine the torture of waiting one whole month for the reply...

So if you do practice this tradition and happen to be reading , Wishing you luck!!:))) gambatte yo! If he doesn't reciprocate, too bad for him! Someone suitable for you will come your way someday:))

Don't only treat ur other half good on Vday, treat them well every day:) everyone will
Be happier too!:))

so the very lonely me. #boohoo.
haha. i only feel forever alone (ryan higa *see his vid in the link* says its over use and i think it's true btw!:P)
on over commercialized days like this!
*oh o...i smell some sour grapes.....LOLs


all that aside, 
Love and be loved for who you are and who he/she is. 
besides, you'll be spending a lifetime together, pretense is definitely not the way to go. 

Wishing you all Lotsa happiness and love alwayyyys!

lovu lovu~
*ps this are .gif pics...i wonder if they can move as you are reading them...super cute ones!XD
 love ashin's chu!'s one too near! lol


  1. yesh they are moving sis! :))

  2. super kawaii!! haha:)