Thursday, November 27, 2008

sometimes you really wonder...

yes. sometimes you really wonder what are in these people's heads? obviously no brain. crap maybe. else, what would make them so selfish, so inhumane, so cruel?

what ever happen to world peace. what ever happen to love the world like i would love my family?

disappointing. what's wrong with these people?no. i really can't understand. not in a million years i can't.

this year alone, how many tragedies have we watch happen. really. when would all these come to an end, when would people learn to respect others.the civilians are innocent. killing each other is never going to solve anything. period.

when is all these all around the world going to stop. end. finito.

Pls let it be soon. and no matter how many times ms universe says this, i still love hearing it.
Let there be world peace.

Make Love. Make Music. Not war.

i'm awaiting the next sunrise. :)

i wish with all my might that one day all the wars would end.
all the pain and suffering would end.
and it would be paradise on earth.
wouldn't that be the perfect dream?

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