Thursday, April 3, 2008

texturing again.:)

yay yay. today i went to practice my texturing skills....this time i think i was either crazy or bold. instead of just sticking one texture only...i decided to try 3...haha...haven't learn how to crawl i already want to learn how to fly...:P

and i thought it turn out pretty decent. * i thought it would probably look disastrous or something*

and this was how it looked originally....

And after trying to editing the photo. i put on the layers...

  1. Layer one. *see here*
  2. Layer two. *see here*
  3. Layer three *see here*
  4. I intended on having a layer 4....*this* but it looked i took it the 3 layers were enough for me...
Thank you this kind site for the textures. =)
After that with a little adjustments and a little layer editing...and a few brushes. i got this....

yayness. :)

not exactly perfect...more to improve on.but i did have fun doing it...i think i kinda miss one step of masking it....needa go read up and learn on that part....i can't find the tutorial for it...:'( haha...

yes. i know...i have yet to finish diploma-ed ii...coming soon...:)

till then. take care peeps!:) loves.

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