Saturday, July 30, 2011

Convenience store goodies

Everytime i see Mayday or other idols i like doing ads for convenience stores like 7 eleven or family mart in Taiwan, i can't help but think WHY don't our convenience stores have such cute stuff too?! Not that often at least.....once in a very blue moon they do have if i must say.....move into the kawaii phase tooooo pls. hahaa

Here are some vids of the 7 eleven and family mart goodies with my faves:)

林依晨& 櫻桃小丸子 series. I likeeee!

I want!! i love xiao wan zi! its one of my first chinese cartoons that i fell in love with, still loving it now.

and then theres this recent one from my beloved mayday:)
Mayday X Family Mart X Astroboy series
the ads are done in a series of 5. its really cute!:)) Had a good laugh watching it:)


yay! for stone papa, he is the fastest of the lot! winner!

Ming's birthday just passed recently, Happy Birthday Ming!:)))

Despite dropping everything, he has an ok timing! not bad!

Yay! laoda second fastest!
so cute when he press the buzzer without the toy on the board....XD

Have a good laugh with this cute videos even if you don't love toys...

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