Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I wonder who reads?

I write because I want to, because I like. because I want to share. Same as goes to my purpose in taking photos. Not to show off, but to enjoy the moment of thought.

Many people in the world nowadays have direct contact with the media on a day to day basis, that includes me and the person who is reading this right now, You. We are inadvertently influenced by the media we come across, deny it as fervently as you may, you can't deny your day to day way of existence.

Stop and take a look, open your closet, the kind of clothes you wear usually has been impacted by the things you see, Japanese fashion, K fashion, European fashion...Many of us read blogs and there are so many fashion bloggers out there, we read, we see, we absorb, pretty much like a sponge. I was always one quick to decide that I am not influenced by anything other than my own likes and dislikes, true enough, i don't blindly follow fashion I can't agree with, but maybe to turn it in a different view, it could be seen as I'm boring and not 'in' enough. I'm definitely fine with being that, if that is to be seen as so.

But recently I found out the words I sometimes use are pretty much influenced by the top reads I read on a day to day basis, and my thoughts and mannerisms are also in a way showing this trend too...I read cheesie's and fourfeetnine's blog frequently and to my very own surprise, I who hardly used the words fml and wtf have been influenced to use them even if I don't speak them out. They kind of appear in my head during conversations. Actually there are many other things which I can't think of at the moment which shows how easily the media can have its influence on us....

I realised, i could easily write a thesis on this if i wanted to. There, if your a student, and you need a topic, try this out, you'll have thousand and one arguments to write about.

Why am I sharing this mini thesis (unedited, unscripted, just from the back of my head) its just to show that sometimes when you see things don't just look at it on the surface, of course not every article or media related piece has a hidden agenda or a propaganda. The blogs I read are not going to teach you bad or anything, all I am saying is that, sometimes people like to ask about my blog...

I don't write to show off how smart i am, how eloquent i can be, or how witty my studies have made me or not made me. I basically started writing not for anyone, but just for the sake of liking to write and share, if someone sees it awesome, if no one, I would still write because I like flipping the pages of a photo album to recollect memories or time pieces left behind. Definitely having people enjoy your writings is a wonderful experience because a good book if only shared by one has much less joy than having it shared and discussed by a thousand, so i only only spend time being narcissistic, or just worldly...i write and share things which are close to me. I develop a reader's bond to anyone who cares to read. I thank you for reading, if anyone every does, it would be nice to know through a comment or something, but otherwise, i'll still keep writing and posting photos and pictures and encouragements and juicy exciting stuff...

i write because it makes me happy. I read because i like to gain info.
i take photos because i genuinely love to.

if your coming here just to see how well i write, if i score a e8 or a1 score in my kind of english writing, i suggest maybe asking for my school work would be faster.
adults, stop being judgmental.
stop trying to read me.
first impressions of me, never do me justice, i guess the representative i send out isn't very impressive.
or maybe i ain't impressive at all, but for one thing i know, i may not bring eloquent confidence in speech, but what i lack for in many areas, i bring it all back with hardwork and a willing heart.
if you start being judgmental with me, nothing is going to work out right ain't it huh.

thank you anyway.


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