Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ariel Lin quits acting for love...

*updates. she is back in the acting scene again, saying that she just needed a break and media had speculated too much into her words. Yay! :)) i'm glad she's still in this line, i love to see her act:))

 Omy! This came as a shocker, but after awhile thinking about it, i think it is about time she give herself a good rest too.... One of my favourite actress Ariel Lin 林依晨 from the famous idol drama It started with a kiss (惡作劇之吻) has decided to put a stop to her acting career finishing up her current idol drama I may not love you.
The main reasons cited were because of Love and having more time for the people she love...It is said that after wrapping up she will fly to the states to join her boyfriend there. I think another reason is also because after the operation to remove the cysts in her brain in 2009 she has yet to really take any good break at all, she is just a girl, a human being like you and me. She is probably very tired and wants a good rest, and what better time, now that she can join her boyfriend in the states rest and be nurtured by love.... haha...

I sure will miss her acting though. But i guess health and relationships are very important for every human being. And it humanizes her alot because we can see, she is after all, just a girl who needs pampering and love. :) She has been in this industry since she was since she was 18 (if i didn't remember wrongly;P) from 2001 till now...and she has appeared in two of Mayday's MV before! yay:D 相信 & 亂世浮生 Will miss seeing her on the screen...:( sure hope she will maybe someday make a comeback. :)) Jia you Yi Chen!

O ya! If your a fan, you can still catch her on weibo, its the chinese version of Twitter, here's her account*. :)

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