Sunday, August 15, 2010

mom's bday @ dempsey barracks house.

Went to Dempsey for the first time last Sunday to celebrate mom's birthday. yea. i know. mountain tortise. hahahahaha:p
House @ Barracks
the interior is very nice!
this is the toilet sign for the guys for the girls its a cat.
more of the nice interior
the staff is also quite nice.
the only gripe i have to this place is that....for us...its sooo out of the place.
and the price.
but. you can guess so for such a nice looking place so no fault there...

good place to recommend if you want a place with good atmosphere.
good place to 'pak tor'

momsie and bro
corn soup.

We asked the waiter to help us take a photo but 2 out of 2 came out blur...hahaha
Managed to get the waiter outside to help us take a clear one.

*ling! look..its the dress we both have.
heh heh. :p

then off to the next stop near by for a drink. ..
the funny face. it runs in all of us.
red dot brewery
erm. smile?
Bro got a surprise cakey for mom
Looks really really nice.
and yesh! we had another good family pic take!:D
It looked very very nice. :))))
so sweet.
Happy Birthday momie:)
i love you.
yummy black forest from fourleaf!
i think the best birthday cakes must be from fourleaf!

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